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Trains – 3

16 Jul

Train came bellowing horrendous sounds.

Noxious fumes emanating from the mouth.

Running unabandoned on its path, keeping course, making way.

Crowds dispersed.

Kids shreaked and ran behind it.

I tell you, these Punjabi weddings are something.


A line observation

10 Jul

It is good to be reminded once in a while that you can see everything in a different light and who better than kids to teach you simple things.

My daughter is learning in school these days, standing lines, sleeping lines, slanting lines…..

Yesterday when I came back home from office, she had a complaint about her little brother.

As soon as I enetered she came running and said “Dada, today when I was eating food, Prince Simba came crawling to me like a slanting line and pulled my hair”.

Like a slanting line. Imagine. 

how true

8 Jul

When you are young you think money is everything, when you are old you know it……. Oscar Wilde

Young men think old men are fools, old men know young men are fools….. a friend’s Dad

Trains – 2

6 Jul

He insulted me.

I looked left, I looked right.

Train never came.

Fuck IST.


3 Jul

He rushed inside, dragging his luggage behind him.

Threw the luggage on board and was about to follow suit when she bumped into him.

Eyes met. Eyes lingered. Hope swelled.

Ears heard. Eyes turned.

What the fuck happened to IST?

Waxing problem

2 Jul

Many years ago I used to work for FCB Ulka. It was always a perpetual challenge to make people understand  FCB over a telephone. They would normally go…

“Ulka Kya?”

“ABC what?”

and so an so forth.

As is my luck, one day I got particularly exemplary specimen of daftness and this is how the conversation went (and if my memory serves right I was placing order for lunch for myself and lots of people used to order from this place)…

“Hello, I am calling from FCB Ulka”


“I am calling from FCB Ulka”

“Ulka what?”

“I am calling from Ulka and want to place order”

“Ulka is phele kya bola”



“F     C      B”


“F for fish, C for cat, B for Ball FCB”


“F for Fish…. Fish, C for Cat, B for Boy. FCB”

“Kya Ulka”

“Alright, I will say again, listen carefully… F for fucker, C for chutiya, B for B…chod, FCB. Kya bola maine”

“Sir, FCB”

“Ok now take my order”

“Tell me sir”