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A forbidden thought

22 Sep

Someone once said that the human existence and progress depends on breaking the existing norms. Only by rebelling against the established system the new comes to life.

And in this simple philosphy lies the difference between existing and living. Have you ever noticed that the happiest memories and moments of life are in the forbidden? School is about bunking classes, college is about having your first drink, working is about, hmmmmm… maybe changing something or creating something. It is always about don’ts and never dos. Dos is not done. Happiness is about doing the undone.

If so is true, what is undone in marriage?

It cannot be drinking, yes some people do over-drink (here we are not talking about alcoholics) but those weekend parties where some just over indulge but Ibelieve that is just nostalgia about college days and days of freedom and days of rebelling and act of living in the past.

It cannot have any correlation to professional life as two though feed from each other yet are mutually exclusive.

So where lies  the beyond the system, living on the edge and memories of married life? Where is living in married life?

I am not talking about marriage which is always about two people but about a married individual who lives within a system called marriage. And also it is not about me, I am  just trying to find a connecting dot in an unlinked chain of thought.  

P.S: I was having this discussion with a friend and a thought came, the answer probably is once in a while be an individual.


I know

15 Sep

I know the truth, I lie to myself.

Mind Gobblers – 15

15 Sep

Should today compromise for tomorrow?

Should today compromise for tomorrow, when tomorrow tomorrow would blame everything on yesterday?

Mind Gobblers – 14

7 Sep

Did Monica Lewinsky blow candles on her 44th birthday?