Waxing problem

2 Jul

Many years ago I used to work for FCB Ulka. It was always a perpetual challenge to make people understand  FCB over a telephone. They would normally go…

“Ulka Kya?”

“ABC what?”

and so an so forth.

As is my luck, one day I got particularly exemplary specimen of daftness and this is how the conversation went (and if my memory serves right I was placing order for lunch for myself and lots of people used to order from this place)…

“Hello, I am calling from FCB Ulka”


“I am calling from FCB Ulka”

“Ulka what?”

“I am calling from Ulka and want to place order”

“Ulka is phele kya bola”



“F     C      B”


“F for fish, C for cat, B for Ball FCB”


“F for Fish…. Fish, C for Cat, B for Boy. FCB”

“Kya Ulka”

“Alright, I will say again, listen carefully… F for fucker, C for chutiya, B for B…chod, FCB. Kya bola maine”

“Sir, FCB”

“Ok now take my order”

“Tell me sir”


One Response to “Waxing problem”

  1. John Doe July 3, 2009 at 4:39 pm #

    is it that by accident, you discovered the real meaning of fcb…

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