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Growl growl

24 May

Why is my tummy angry with me?

Your tummy is not angry with you.

Then why did you say my tummy is upset?


Fast and furious

14 Dec

Early morning, daughter wakes up and she is presented her glass of milk.

As usual there is tantarum thrown, and the glass of milk lies unattended.

Time for all-knowing fatherman to salvage the situation.

“Darling, drink your milk”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“I will hold the glass, you take sip from there.”

Glass there and a fraction of milliliter consumed and no visible difference in the level of milk even after considerable time and effort

“Your brother drank his milk faster and you I’m sure are faster than him.”

“How fast did he finish?”

“30 seconds”

“I am faster than him, I will finish in 1 minute.”

Large gulps and glass is empty.

Fatherman saves the day again.


7 Dec

I was out for a walk with my daughter yesterday night. Now the complex we stay in has lots of vehicular movement all the time. So as we were walking, we had to cross the road, so I decided it was a good time to explain to her about how to cross the road.

Here goes the conversation –

I: The car is coming from the other side, what are you supposed to do?

She: I can run across the road before it comes, I am very fast.

I: No, you are supposed to wait till the car passes and then you cross the road.

She: No Dada, I can run very fast, I can cross it.

Actually the car was far, she could have, but that wasn’t the point, she had to learn the proper way, so we waited for the car to go. And the conversation started again.

She: I can show you I can cross, now you become the car, you come from there and I will run to the other side.


So I was the car, she was supposed to run across, obviously I didn’t stand to far, so she runs and I run faster (at the risk of bursting my lungs, seriously it was around 20ft) and I catch her before she crosses.

I: See you can get hurt, so always wait.

She: You are right, car can dash into me.

I: Yes, the car can dash into you.

She: If car dashes than it will chutney of us.

I: Yes

She: Then everyone will dip into us and eat, dosa and chutney, samosa and chutney, bread and chutney, vada and chutney.

I didn’t have my dinner last night.

10 reasons that prove my kids love me more

9 Nov

1. When they wake up in the morning, they run to their mother so that I can read my paper in peace

2. When we are leaving for office, they hold their mother’s legs and howl, while I get a kiss and a beaming bye

3. They want their mother to feed them, so that I can eat my food in peace

4. When they are happy they run to me so that I can play with them

5. When they cry they run to their mother so that I don’t see them unhappy

6. When their mother travels, they listen to all I say; watch TV, eat your pizza, gobble chocolates, drink your juice, throw things hard, shout harder, go play, so that I’m not harassed

7. When I travel they make their mother cry when she says; eat vegetables, finish your milk, eat fruits, come back home, switch off TV, finish homework, so that I know they are missing me

8. They want to do homework with their mother so that I can play with them

9. They want their mother to help them sleep, so that I can read my book or watch TV

10. When they wake up in night they pull their mother’s hair, so that I can sleep in peace

11. When they make something they show it to their mother, when they break something they show it to me

I must be the world’s greatest dad.

Right or wrong?

19 Aug

I : “What is C     A    T?”

She: “Cat”


I: “B    A   T?”

She: “Bat”


I: “R    A    T?”

She: “Mouse”

A line observation

10 Jul

It is good to be reminded once in a while that you can see everything in a different light and who better than kids to teach you simple things.

My daughter is learning in school these days, standing lines, sleeping lines, slanting lines…..

Yesterday when I came back home from office, she had a complaint about her little brother.

As soon as I enetered she came running and said “Dada, today when I was eating food, Prince Simba came crawling to me like a slanting line and pulled my hair”.

Like a slanting line. Imagine. 

Speedy reply

9 Jun

I was waiting for a friend to get ready. After a long wait, I tell his daughter, daddy is very slow.

She turns towards me and says, if Papa goes fast, there would be accidents in the mind.