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26 May

Strong Caution (no longer valid – offensive language deleted): The words used in this post are the only ones which truly and aptly describe the person(s)/personality being described here. So if choice of such real life, right emotion evoking words offend you this would be the right point to stop. And in case you choose to go beyond this point and do get offended then you are the person I had in mind while writing this post because you were “dumbass” not to stop even against the right advise.

I had first used an appropriate word but it was found to be too offensive so have changed it to a milder one. Ideally should have deleted the post but I like it so it stays.

We all meet “dumbasses” and say why the fuck is he such a “dumbass”. Doesn’t he know he is a “dumbass” and why can’t he stop being one.

My dear friends I have made the discovery that would assuage your discomfort and put your mind to rest whenever you find yourself in a company of a “dumbass”.

The mandatory pre-requisite for a person who is a “dumbass” is that he doesn’t know he is a “dumbass”. He simply doesn’t know.

The logic is irrefutable. All facts point towards it.

So let’s start with the premise that a “dumbass” knows he is a “dumbass”. I doubt anybody starts wanting to be a “dumbass”. If nobody wants to be a “dumbass” that means a “dumbass” would try not to do what makes him a “dumbass” and when he does that he no longer would be a “dumbass”. And if a person is capable to such lucid thought that would mean he was never a “dumbass”.

That means premise was wrong.

A “dumbass” doesn’t know he is one.


So next time you meet a “dumbass” you would know that he is a “dumbass” not by choice – he is just a “dumbass” by a stroke of nature.

And you who is thinking of leaving a smart comment that proves I am one by using my logic against me, I just have one thing to say “dumbass” didn’t you read strong caution.


God’s own country

8 May
View to the room
Artisitic ambition

Taj Retreat in the night. The oil lamps are lit every night and managed
by women from a near by village. Place looks amazing in the night.

Lazing around

My malhar on the boat ride.

Still lazing




It definitely took a long time for the sun to set on this see the sun set boat ride.