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Comics – Its not funny….

19 Dec

For long I have debated that the serious literature today is found only in the comics and I still hold to this conviction.

And there is noting funny about it, just try reading Alan Moore’s “V for Vendatta” or Joe Sacco’s “Palestine” or Marjane’s “Persepolis” you will know what I mean.

Even a mainline comic like “Calvin & Hobbes” delves deeper into todays’s issues than any other writer.

Oh yes, there are those serious writers who will write in a form so convoluted that it will take forever to understand what they are saying, leaving you no energy to think what they are trying to say.

Does that make a graphic writer superior to a traditional writer, and the answer is a definite NO.

The sequential art has an advantage, it can easily be made idiot proof , while the word artist needs to ensure the picture he wants to sketch is also created in the reader’s mind with only one weapon – words.

It definitely is more difficult but where are the craftsmen, who deal with real issues at a level which can stir our hearts, ignite your mind.

The mighty sword today is blunted, has lost its sheen and can not cut through butter forget hearts.

Till we again get our Steinbecks, Hemingways, back…. i would stick to my comics. If nothing else I can be assured of a good laugh.