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25 May

There are no interesting answers, only interesting questions that have interesting answers as a byproduct.


Growl growl

24 May

Why is my tummy angry with me?

Your tummy is not angry with you.

Then why did you say my tummy is upset?

Keep in mind

20 May

What I enjoy the most are conversations with my daughter. I pride myself that I can argue over everything (mostly argue for the sake of arguing), yet when it comes to her, I just can’t win. Don’t think I am indulging her, I am fiercely competitive irrespective of the age.

This is our today morning telephonic conversation.

She: Can I go to my friend’s place to play?

Luckily my wife had already warned me that I cannot give her any permissions today as she has been punished and home bound for the next two days. I normal circumstances I always give in but this time I was threatened with dire consequences if I relented.

I: No, you cannot go to your friend’s house for the next two days.

She: But I want to play with them.

I: Your mother has punished you and you are not allowed to go to anyone’s house. Call them over to your place.

She: Now I will never be able to play in their house. I also want to play in their house sometimes.

I: You can go after two days.

She: No I can never go.

I: You can go after 2 days.

She: No I can never go.

I: Why?

She: Because mama said, don’t go out of the house. That means don’t go out of the house ever. I will have to stay here all the time.

I: No it is only for 2 days.

She: But mama….

I: If she said ever, I will tell her it is only for 2 days.

She: Mama, punished me, she is a bad girl.

I: She punished you because you are naughty and one who tries to teach you good manners is a good girl.

Time to change tactics.

She: Then why doesn’t Aarav gets punished? You told me yesterday that you will punish him because he boxed me but you didn’t.

I: Darling I forgot when I came back from the office.

She: But you promised you will.

I: But you should have reminded me.

She: Why should I remind you. Why can’t you keep it in your mind. Like I keep our grey house in my mind, your old office in mind. You should also keep in mind.

I: Ok I will keep in mind today.

She: You didn’t keep that in mind, why you keep in mind that I cannot go out.

I: …..

She: Can I go out?

I: No.

Phone banged down.

You talking to me

16 May


A choice.

Or a compulsion.

I don’t like to talk.

Or maybe I have nothing to say.

Lifeless serious

13 May

In life you meet various kinds of people, serious, thoughtful, humorous, comical, and passionate; by in large people who are too intense or too frivolous. And when I say life, I mean in various facets of life, family, friends, colleagues, this can be further stretched to movies, books, music, poetry and any and all other aspects that one can think..

I call it seriouslyludicrous-ludicrouslyserious dimensions/axis of life.

Largely you end up seeing everything from these two filters. You either take life very seriously or you treat it too absurdly.

I want to move away from these two axis and operate in a third one. It exists but in the corners and seen rarely.

I want to move to the amused axis.

Issued in your interest

9 May

Copy: Fictitioustruth
Art: Fictitioustruth


3 May

In year 2000 I joined an advertising agency erstwhile FCB Ulka. I was a novice and an idiot. as some people thought, having joined advertising from the client side.

That’s irrelevant right now, for its not my story, it’s a story of my friends.

In FCB I met four individuals, Sudip Bhattacharya, Sourabh Mukerjee, Pratik Seal and Anupama Ramaswamy.

Five of us could not have been more different –

Pratik – Intellectual, well read, recite passages from classics from memory

Sudip – More of a simian less of a human

Sourabh – The idealist

I – The idiot of the group


Anu – The elitist.

I other three I got to know quickly and became friends soon enough but the snob Anu would keep to herself, the elitist refusing to interact with us the hoi-polloi. I realized she actually has a heart that sometimes beats for the downtrodden when I went to her with thumping heart and great trepidation for some help after everyone refused.

And what I got from her was actually poetic.

The girl who was a question mark gave me an ad with a large question mark.

That was one fucking good ad.

The question mark raised my eyebrows and threw some interesting answers.

To cut the chase, we became friends.

And we spend many (and trust me there were many and more) drunken evenings on her terrace.

This story is about those evenings, when we used to talk about changing the world, at least the advertising world. Creating earth shattering communication. Ads that would be mainstream, yet award winning. That it was possible to great work. Compromise is for the weak. When the opportunity came we would not waste it but put our thoughts and words into action. We will prove it that it is possible, feasible and not a fool’s dream.

We were not unique, in that industry at least during those days everyone used to talk like that. It could be like that even now, just that I don’t know, having moved back to client side many years back.
Years passed, most of us forgot those dreams. Those promises. And those words stayed what they were words.

We compromised.

I forgot all about them.

I forgot that I had ever said or even thought of such thoughts.

Except one.

She remembered.

That quiet girl who used to sit in a corner remembered.

And she made sure, those were not just words.

Words are actions that one can live and make true.

Well done Anu.

And thank you.

I too shall remember to remember my dreams again.


In more ways than one.