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Parent Trap

31 Oct

A conversation between me and my little less than 2 year old daughter.

Me (with one finger raised): “Avni, what is this?”

Avni: “One”

Me (two fingers raised): “This?”

Avni: “Two”

Me (three fingers raised): “This?”

Avni: “Three”

Me (four fingers raised): “This?”

Avni: “Four”

Me (open palm): “This?”

Avni: “Hand”


Love Story

25 Oct

He sat still with a knife on his wrist.

He remembered the dream life, the joyful mornings and the tempestuous nights, the sunny silences and the stormy fights, the loving kiss and the passionate bite. He remembered every moment.

And he remembered the fateful night.

A single tear dropped from his eye.

“If not together in life, we will still meet”

At the first drop of blood I slowly moved towards him.

Sad they will never meet again.


24 Oct

“The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say but what we are unable to say”.. Anais Nin

Mr. Death

24 Oct

He was death.

Mr. Death.

Or that’s how he imagined himself to be.

The snatcher.

The cruel.

The unexpected surprise.

That unwanted guest.

I heard him once.


When I was born I was not a beginning of a dream.

I was condemned to a nightmare, waiting to wake up.

What is life?

Nothing but a delusion.

A trick, a cheap trick conjured by an amateur magician.

An illusion.

They say find a reason to live.

They say find purpose.

Hypnotized hoodwinked fools.

I will find them and I will wake them up.

I will find them all.

One by one.

Life does not begin.

It ends.


He stalked the day.


Blooming love.

Carefree youth.

Joyous families.

Indulging rich.

Besieged poor .


He would never know.

He would never understand.

One day I plucked him as gently as everyone else before him.

And everyone after him.


9 Oct

Scratch. Scratch.

You can feel something gnawing from inside.

Feeling of restlessness.

You want to say something.

But no words come out.

Mind seeks meaning.

Body seeks redemption.

Empty world.

Shallow soul.

Meaningless life.

I was not meant to be this way.

This is not me.

I see a stranger everyday in the mirror with a familiar face.

Sell soap.

Pander beauty.

Where are the lost causes?

Unheard screams?

I must.

I would.

I will find my voice once again.

Octoberfest 2007

8 Oct

Ah, the pleasures and the perils of drinking.

I finally know how much beer this alcohol worn body can still take.

It is 330 ml x 20 glasses.

I plan to break this record next year without falling on my face (unlike this year).

P.S: Make it part of your calendar next year. Any reason is fine…beer, music, women

I Know

3 Oct

Nature exits.

So do artists.



No reason asked, no reason given.

Sourabh, Sudip and Venkat – Thank you.