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The cloak of darkness

31 Jul

What is the purpose of night club? Why do we go there? What joy do we seek? Or what sorrow do we intend to forget? Who do we want to meet? Who is a victim of our disdain? What is the trip and what is the high? What makes us seek and lose ourselves amongst the pulsating beats, the sweaty bodies and thumping hearts and sloshed minds?

Howsoever hard I try to rationalize and reason it out as good times and pleasure trip with friends it somehow doesn’t get a grip in my mind, including the variations of the same theme, “I love to dance, great place to loosen up, and so and so forth”. Even the assumption that these places are watering holes for the stressed out metro life, seems a trifle bit watered down logic.

If I were to propose our intrinsic desire for promiscuity takes us to such places, how would you react?

Let’s start by breaking the whole experience into some basic elements – drinking (an act of lowering the inhibitions), close proximity of strangers (physical immediacy), a sense of adventurism (fueled by heightened senses) and these in turn bring forth our natural physical desires to the forefront. Yes, alcohol does lead some interesting discussions, fun, bonding but situation-location axis is located in very different physical dimension. And when this does happen in this setting it cocoons us in a silo which is independent of the physical reality of the night club.

My query is when the mind is conscious of the place, vibes and the energy in which the milieu is enveloping us and our willingness to embrace and resonate with the vibes, revel in the weakness of the flesh. When we are conscious of our lust and the lust of others around us, spilling over, so close, so real that it can be touched, smelt, felt on the skin. We perform for the world around, a mating season, peacocks with their wares in display and baboons with their bums raised.

But surprisingly in India this rarely translates into a reality it demands. Despite our realization, need and desire we do not succumb, we do not give in. We ignore the world we have transcended into and clutch to the realities we want to let go.

What holds us back? What stops us?



What is it?

If we don’t plan to transcend our mental barrier why make the effort? Why pretend?

Who do we fool? None but ourselves.

Where we can quench our desire, we only fuel our lust.

I suggest either give in or give up.

Either ways shed the cloak of darkness and lies.


Why are most Indian men such perverted pigs???

31 Jul

Post open for discussion on sushi bar.

There was a girl who once went on a quest, from the dregs of history an answer she wanted to wrest, why are most Indian men such perverted pigs?

She moped over the question, in the day and the night, awake and sleeping, in mind and dreams, till on her forehead she had a frown. Cobwebs refused to clear, mop went calling, floor got a dusty crown.

Indeed why?

One day she has a vision and in a flash of inspiration, she found the key, why sit alone and whine when the answer could be found straight from the swine.

Without any rebate the question was up for debate. The question was up on the blog to be answered or to be flogged.

Sitting quite a pig thought why not I take a dig.

As a reaction, venom he wanted to spew and answer honestly you Indian bitches make us so. But he let the mind relax and answer that would be right for the sensitive ears of the weaker sex.

He picked the question and chewed on it a little, then he chewed a little more, till the jaws ached and the mind raked.

The pig was wise, the young lady he wanted to apprise but before he imparted the ancient wisdom and offer a peek in his kingdom, he wanted to be sure, as advised by astute men and prudent (assume the root is same as prudish) women, he understood the question’s core.

The question is full of assumptions which to the mind seem like presumptions, but the lady though callow, was smart not to make her choice of words shallow. She said most and not all, she wanted to be incisive without being divisive but it still is a tall claim and she should be game to get her share of shame.

Only Indian men she decided to slander, letting go scot free in general the gender, Indian within the present geographical, political confine, past, future, she allowed to shine. Whites we assume merrily can claim that they do not share any such blame. Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali bhai can also rejoice and keep their head high.

The question we (or most of us) are pigs is never up for contest, just sigh and tell her why. Indian men are indeed perverted pigs is a foregone conclusion and have no choice, and a symptomatic understanding is required and hopefully corrective medical and psychological treatment reasoned.

But the pigs are stuck with a complex question and have not yet gasped the complete meaning; the question can still take many leaning.

From the muck the pig ambled and with the dictionary gambled. Lexicon offered some answers which made the question even denser. Here below you can find some things he read and try to decipher the right thread. Pig wanted to avoid the wrong path and not become a victim of a woman’s wrath.

Three meaning did he list, you can read too to get the gist-

1. Deviating from what is considered right and correct.

2. Marked by misinterpretation or distortion

3. Of, relating to or practicing sexual perversion or showing or appealing to bizarre or deviant tastes.

On one thing he was pretty sure option 3 was not his chore, a path he need not toil, even thinking like for almost all frigid Indian women in this light would make them recoil. This was a deduction without any disparage, and in this fight, he did not intend, female in particular, in any manner slight.

But the query never would swing where it sings, why are Indian men sexual deviant or kinky sex pigs?

Though I wish that was the facet it would have been cathartic to come out of the closet. Unfortunately it would be safe to say, for this today is not the day.

Option 2 is also out, pigs stay so much in the open, that there is no question of any misinterpretation.

Now the understanding is in light, it would be safe to assume that the question means why do Indian men deviate from what is considered correct and right.

Keeping the semantics aside, perverted is behavior that is not natural beside. Now if such behavior is natural and not a ruse than the usage of the term perverted becomes superfluous and we are still a little clueless.

What if the pig were to say, the conundrum in your mind, would read right and you come clean, if the question was why are Indian men perverted pigs according to Indian women, only then the answer you would find.

Pig has only tried to take away the question’s sheen but that does not warrant any spleen.

“A wicked man taketh a gift out of the bosom to pervert the ways of judgment”…Bible


8 Jul

Tagged by Gauri. Never been tagged before, but this one comes with a divine intervention for reasons best kept secret.

So the tag is about 5 things (i would double that) which the better (by a mile) half (just half???) has changed in me. That really requires not much of thinking, possible to answer with one word – EVERYTHING.

But I assume tag requires one to be more specific, so here it goes-

  1. She has changed my outlook towards marriage. I assumed life would change after marriage and I was right and completely wrong. It changes but surprisingly for the better. Not only do I do all the things which i did (boys nightouts, golf, video games, all night movie watching, drinking insanely) before marriage but now there is a friend at home also to continue the party. Now i actively recommend marriage to everyone, including strangers, even people I hate (this I used to do before also but for different reasons).
  2. A little (this one is miniscule but of astronomical proportions relatively) sense of responsibility. Reminders are required, but her positive attitude towards anything, home or office, has brought a definite change. And even that small change has helped in my professional life – I procrastinate less, take more responsibility, am little more proactive, less lazy. Its gradual but i am getting there.
  3. I have been to, seen more places with her and because of her. She has this itch in the feet wherein we need to do things and visit places where we have never been before and things done before. Journey is still on and before we are done I am sure she would ensure we have visited every country in the world and every city in India worth seeing atleast once.
  4. She has been able to change pronunciations that were genetically coded in my thick punjabi accent. Enunciation is better, I can not only write this word but say it too, and also entrepreneur, strategy, milieu and zillion more.
  5. Due to her unparalleled cooperation i am today a superhero, conqueror of the universe, the bete-noire/nemesis of green goblin and father of an adorable daughter.
  6. Her amazing optimism and zest for life has rubbed on my head in the sand pessimism.
  7. I read better books, change my wardrobe once a year (against the earlier average of when the threads vanish with washing), have clipped nails, clean haircut and a shaved, well scrubbed face. And better manners – now i remember to say goodbye to the hosts when we are leaving their house.
  8. I have a better career because of her, she encouraged me to change, take risks – do whatever I wanted.
  9. I can tolerate my relatives now, just barely. I do not get angry while driving (that probably saved me from getting shot one of these days). I have learnt it is possible to talk to people you are meeting for the first time or don’t like in more than monosyllables and about things other than weather.
  10. I am in a better shape to flirt than I have ever been in my life, so good that I think I can probably manage another wife (hey come on, you can’t expect me to say only the right things).

So thanks to her I am still ME but a BETTER ME.

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