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Oct – Dec 2011 reading list

3 Jan

In this quarter I mostly read comics and graphic novels. And I read so many that I lost track but I will try to list down whatever I remember-

1. Y – The last man (3 stars)

2. I read 7 comics by Jason, from Shhhh…, The last Muskeeter, The Left Gang etc, (5 stars for all)

3. Author Joe Matt (I think 4 0r 5 comics) (31/2 stars)

4.Author:  Dan Clowes (again many booksthis includes, Ghost World, David Boring, Wilson, Mr. Wonderful, Ice Haven, etc (5 stars for all)

5. Author Chester Brown (Yummy Fur, Paying For it, Ed the happy clown, I never liked you) (4 stars for all)

6. Author: Seth (It’s a good life if you don’t weaken, Wimbledon Green, Palookaville, George Sprott) (4 stars for all)

7. Vertigo Crime comics, all are stand alone books (2 stars for all, quite crappy still I read many of those)

8. Heavy Liquid by Paul Pope (31/2 stars)

9. Dogs and water (5 stars)

10 Author Jeffrey Brown (2 stars for ones I read, though some people adore his books, didn’t work for me)

11. Guy Dilesle (3 travel comics about Burma, North Korea and China, all I felt were white men perspective) (3 stars)

12.  In addition to all that I read many comics from these three publication houses, Top Shelf, First Second books, Fantagraphics and in general all books were excellent.

13. Genesis by Bernard Beckett (an excellent debate between man vs machine) 4 stars

14. Voices by Raman Kalia (that’s me), 31/2 stars. I think it’s not that bad a book and if you want you can download from the site.

I think I have missed some. But end of the year, I’m happy that I was able to read 52 books during the course of the year and that made this year a good year.

Cheers and now I start again.


Almost finished

28 Oct

Almost finished with my next book. Plan to make it available free here on the site

July – Sep 2011 reading list

30 Sep

Worth dying for by Lee child (4 stars)

The giving tree by shel Silverstein (5 stars)

Ted saves the world by Bryan (4 stars)

Plugged by Eric cofler by 3 stars

The culture code by 4 stars

Survivor by chuck palanuik 4 stars

Stars tennis balls by Stephen fry 3 1/2 stars

The average American male by chad kultgen 4 stars

Case of the missing servant by tarquin hall 3 stars

The man who died laughing by tarquin hall 3 stars

The perfect murder by hrf keating 3 stars

V for vendetta by Alan Moore 5 stars

Men women and children by chad kultgen huh1/2 star

The good thief’s guide to amesdram 3 stars

Chalk circle man by Fred Vargas 3 1/2 stars

Mother night by Kurt Vonnegut 5 stars

Habibi by Craig Thompson 4 stars

Genghis Khan and making of the modern world 4 stars


22 Jul

I have read more than my usual quota of books this year and I have tried different genres and writers (women witers in specific) I was not exposed to before.

As I read these books a thought struck me and kind of made me uncomfortable. I understand it is not appropriate to make a generic statement so you can discount it is a ranting of an individual.

Writers these days have taken a role of academicians, where they analyze the fabric of the society in their stories and try to unveil the reasons through the medium. Yes, these are stories, and no doubt the stories entertain, are wonderfully crafted, are rich in their universe and diversity of facets these books tackle, I cannot also deny that these books enrich life by highlighting these hidden aspects or unobserved motivations.

But according to me a writer is not just an observer or chronicler of life, he is the ultimate rebel and he is not to justify life but to mock it.

I guess that is the reason Oscar Wilde, Tom Robbins, Charles Schultz and Kurt Vonnegut still remain my favorite authors and I end up re-reading their books so very often.

Rejection slip

12 Jul

Dear Raman,

Thank you for sending us your manuscript for consideration.

We regret to inform you that we are unable to publish it as it does not suit our publishing programme at the moment.

We wish you success in finding another publisher for your manuscript.


All best,

The Editorial Team

P.S: They seem to have a format for this, the font for the last line was different from first two lines. And apparently same copywriter has written this e-mail for all publishers, got another one with exactly same words from another one.

And it feels pretty good to get one, you almost feel like an author 🙂

April-June 2011 reading list

3 Jul

Jitterbug perfume by Tom Robbins (41/2 stars)

A visit of the goon squad by Jennifer Egan (31/2 stars)

Help! A bear is eating me! By Mykle Hansen (4 stars)

Sway by (4 stars)

Exit wounds by rutu modan (2 stars)

Mafia queens of Mumbai (1/2 star)

Poisoned arrow by ibne safi (1/2 star)

Still life with woodpecker by Tom Robbins (31/2 stars)

The giver by lois lowry (4 stars)

Leela’s Book book by Alice alibinia (3 stars)

Earth and Ashes (41/2 stars)

Just a couple of days by Tony vigorito (31/2 stars)

Bombay duck it’s a fish by kanika dhillon (1/2 star)

Go the fuck to sleep by Adam mansbach (4 stars) (note: only parents will understand the book)

B is for beer by Tom Robbins (3 stars)

I think

26 Jun

Anything that is said should be said if it is important to what is said around it. Before or after.