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Love and Lovers

22 Oct

I tiptoed to the door without making any sound.

I knew they were all in there.

And I knew one of them would spend the night with me.

I looked inside and saw my love from the past, I reminisced about those nights of passion, never ending arguments, lying next to each other all night finding comfort in mere presence, waiting for the morning, sometimes waking up in the middle of night for few more stolen moments. Ah, we were together, inseparable for months, in love. And one day it had ended.

I was depressed for days.

Then without trying, without warning, I discovered my next love. And the past was forgotten on the first date itself. I was again lost in the intensity of love. I felt I had found my true love, love of my life, everlasting, together till the end of time, I burnt in its intensity, lost in the moment. But all was gone again. It just ended. Like last time. Like this time and the next time. Like every time.

I flitted from one to another, some lasted for a night, some for a week, some promised more but moved away soon, some rejected me, some were companions for a while, some were lost to time, some to acquaintances, but most became friends and a few lovers for life.

I gave them my all and I got more in return.

Undemanding, unconditional love.

I loved them all, wanted them all, forever and ever.

And they are here today.

All of them.

With me.

My loves.

My lovers.


I open the door. I hold her by the hand and carry her to the room, brimming with passion, full of hope, believing the promise on her lips. This would be a night to remember, another everlasting memory.

I love my books.   


keep walking, keep talking

12 Oct

Most couples after years of relationship and if they do at all talk after so many years, generally end up talking about the days gone past. And the biggest regret that they have is that they don’t talk as much as they used to at one point of time.

It really is true, there are very few couples who stay connected and are able to maintain the enthusiasm in their relationship after the first initial years. And the amazing thing is that’s how they had connected, time spent talking, conversing about this, that, here, there, about anything, about everything. And then suddenly the well dries up and the best of them, couples made in heaven turn out to be like everyone else, drab, ordinary earthly couples moving around each other, passing each day like strangers. Except some who stay connected for life.

As usual, allow me to propose a theory on why this happens and how the magic can be sustained for life (man this sounded like those self-improvement books, kindly don’t get bored and plod on or indulge me for some more time).

Any two people when they connect like each other at a fundamental level and each conversation, every second spent together weakens or strengthens that belief . What happens in the beginning is that everyone has a tested and proven conversation and like a magician you can put your hand in the hat and the bunny comes out. Life has offered everyone moments which can be recounted and regaled. These two connected individuals from their two divergent paths share their adventures, stories, experiences, hair-raising tales, roll on the ground anecdotes as they start walking on a convergent path. So the initial part of the common journey is spent getting to know each other but after some time sometimes in days, sometimes in months and for some after some years the existing conversations come to end and to an end these always come.

What happens after this decides a common destiny, a shared adventure or two strangers under a common roof. Remember these two love each other but what is lost is the conversation, the magic. This loss happens because they stop creating conversation, at some stage transition has to be made from narrating to creating.

Realize as couples the path is now common, the strangers you meet on the way should not be the reason for existence, don’t let distractions give impression of reason, those are bivouacs, temporary companions not the ones who will hold your hand in sorrow and joy. And for that to happen couples need to find common interests books, sports, travel, kids, work anything which 

Joy of walking is in talking. And that can happen if you can create your conversations together through adventures, experiences, stories, hair-raising tales, roll on the ground anecdotes narrated together.


scared of sacred

5 Oct

Things we do not understand scare us.

This could be food, culture, new city, new road. Anything that is outside our comfort zone puts us on the defensive and it gets worse when we put  assumptions on our fears. It then becomes reality, a reality to fear, a reality to fight and a reality to hate.

This can be seen best in religion. Even the best at best have a very limited understanding of other religions and for majority, people from other religions could very well have been from a different planet without changing a thing. They are aliens, as we are aliens to them.

I all my life though education is about knowledge, enlightenment, understanding and so said our educators also. I believed them then and I believe them now.

But if so is true why such a divide between state and religion. Why are we not educated about religion in school? Not my religion, all religions. Why don’t they teach me the teachings of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, or any religion that can influence our daily life, our daily biases, our life today and the life tomorrow.

Only when we will learn about the unknown we would be able to shed our biases, shed our false beliefs and shed our unfounded fears. And the best time to teach is when we are young, developing minds not stunted morons.

If this wish comes true, I can imagine a tomorrow when a hate monger would make a speech from the podium trying to fuel biases and a young 25-year-old would shove that mike where it truly belongs and if he is well built the tent pole might be preferred more by him.

So wake up policy makers, teach not to make better robots but better humans.