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The last resort

14 Apr

Resorts are very interesting places. And one of the most fascinating place there is the pool area. 

You sit there and soon you will notice a group of families that have come together. Keep watching, in no time sooner than expected they would venture towards the pool, chances are only husbands shall venture into these placid waters and the wives shall wade the shores to evade the prying eyes of the strangers. Lest they do take the risk of dipping their toes beyond the shore, it shall be done maintaining the complete modesty by keeping intact the sartorial decorums and complete uniformity in the choice of land and water world. In other words it would be the same set of clothes for both the occasions. 

Equally interesting is the behaviour of the male population. First that needs to be established are the power equations. That is done by garnering knowledge whether everyone can stay afloat. Invariably there would be few who do not know how to swim. As soon as this fact is uttered, one can see a complete transformation in the body language of the one who does. He now embodies the supreme athlete, a water baby. He shall now become teacher, philosopher, artist and a performer in a single stroke, or is it breath or is it one breadth. 

First he like the Olympic swimmers show the ritual of dunking his head multiple times as a starting point, then other similar contortions, then he shall take a lap (it is always just one lap of a pool which is just larger than a wading pool) then he shall do his ritual again. Post which he shall turn around and seek the admiring eyes of his companions. 

That is normally the point where you have two urges fighting for space at the same time, to throw up and get insanely drunk. And you take the third option.