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July – Sep 2011 reading list

30 Sep

Worth dying for by Lee child (4 stars)

The giving tree by shel Silverstein (5 stars)

Ted saves the world by Bryan (4 stars)

Plugged by Eric cofler by 3 stars

The culture code by 4 stars

Survivor by chuck palanuik 4 stars

Stars tennis balls by Stephen fry 3 1/2 stars

The average American male by chad kultgen 4 stars

Case of the missing servant by tarquin hall 3 stars

The man who died laughing by tarquin hall 3 stars

The perfect murder by hrf keating 3 stars

V for vendetta by Alan Moore 5 stars

Men women and children by chad kultgen huh1/2 star

The good thief’s guide to amesdram 3 stars

Chalk circle man by Fred Vargas 3 1/2 stars

Mother night by Kurt Vonnegut 5 stars

Habibi by Craig Thompson 4 stars

Genghis Khan and making of the modern world 4 stars


Two Perspectives

29 Sep

Today morning as I walked in office, there was this girl walking wearing high heels.

And as the wont of high heels, with every step heels made a clicking sound on the floor, so I told her that women wear high heels to announce their presence. They want every head to turn and look at them.

So she says, no that isn’t true. High heels were invented because short women were tired of getting kissed on the forehead.



16 Sep

“Nothing is good anything unless it is finished” Genghis Khan