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I like…

28 Aug

The music I like is the music “I” enjoy

The books I like are the books “I” enjoy reading

The movies I like are the movies “I” enjoy watching

The friends I like are the friends “I” enjoy meeting

If that is not an achievement what is?


The week that is…

26 Aug

M is for Monday. T is for Tuesday. What is left of the week is WTF” …. Disha Garg

Right or wrong?

19 Aug

I : “What is C     A    T?”

She: “Cat”


I: “B    A   T?”

She: “Bat”


I: “R    A    T?”

She: “Mouse”

What is conversation?

17 Aug

Conversation is nothing but a state of inequality.

Mind Gobblers – 12

11 Aug

If you start late, can you still finish early?