Feb 10, 2012

14 Feb

Feb 10, 2012.


Money makes the world go….

17 Jan

A French and a German discussing business in English.

Ah this beautiful world of greed brings so much harmony.

I wonder

12 Jan

I wonder why some one liners run into two lines. Are those rogue liners?


10 Jan

“Nothing is rocket science other than rocket science”

Oct – Dec 2011 reading list

3 Jan

In this quarter I mostly read comics and graphic novels. And I read so many that I lost track but I will try to list down whatever I remember-

1. Y – The last man (3 stars)

2. I read 7 comics by Jason, from Shhhh…, The last Muskeeter, The Left Gang etc, (5 stars for all)

3. Author Joe Matt (I think 4 0r 5 comics) (31/2 stars)

4.Author:  Dan Clowes (again many booksthis includes, Ghost World, David Boring, Wilson, Mr. Wonderful, Ice Haven, etc (5 stars for all)

5. Author Chester Brown (Yummy Fur, Paying For it, Ed the happy clown, I never liked you) (4 stars for all)

6. Author: Seth (It’s a good life if you don’t weaken, Wimbledon Green, Palookaville, George Sprott) (4 stars for all)

7. Vertigo Crime comics, all are stand alone books (2 stars for all, quite crappy still I read many of those)

8. Heavy Liquid by Paul Pope (31/2 stars)

9. Dogs and water (5 stars)

10 Author Jeffrey Brown (2 stars for ones I read, though some people adore his books, didn’t work for me)

11. Guy Dilesle (3 travel comics about Burma, North Korea and China, all I felt were white men perspective) (3 stars)

12.  In addition to all that I read many comics from these three publication houses, Top Shelf, First Second books, Fantagraphics and in general all books were excellent.

13. Genesis by Bernard Beckett (an excellent debate between man vs machine) 4 stars

14. Voices by Raman Kalia (that’s me), 31/2 stars. I think it’s not that bad a book and if you want you can download from the site.

I think I have missed some. But end of the year, I’m happy that I was able to read 52 books during the course of the year and that made this year a good year.

Cheers and now I start again.

Gross Humor

19 Dec

I am currently not writing here and am available on grosshumor.wordpress.com.

I write a daily comic strip there.

Male emacipation

12 Dec

I am a firm believer in male emancipation. I can serve my own food.