22 Jul

I have read more than my usual quota of books this year and I have tried different genres and writers (women witers in specific) I was not exposed to before.

As I read these books a thought struck me and kind of made me uncomfortable. I understand it is not appropriate to make a generic statement so you can discount it is a ranting of an individual.

Writers these days have taken a role of academicians, where they analyze the fabric of the society in their stories and try to unveil the reasons through the medium. Yes, these are stories, and no doubt the stories entertain, are wonderfully crafted, are rich in their universe and diversity of facets these books tackle, I cannot also deny that these books enrich life by highlighting these hidden aspects or unobserved motivations.

But according to me a writer is not just an observer or chronicler of life, he is the ultimate rebel and he is not to justify life but to mock it.

I guess that is the reason Oscar Wilde, Tom Robbins, Charles Schultz and Kurt Vonnegut still remain my favorite authors and I end up re-reading their books so very often.


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