Lifeless serious

13 May

In life you meet various kinds of people, serious, thoughtful, humorous, comical, and passionate; by in large people who are too intense or too frivolous. And when I say life, I mean in various facets of life, family, friends, colleagues, this can be further stretched to movies, books, music, poetry and any and all other aspects that one can think..

I call it seriouslyludicrous-ludicrouslyserious dimensions/axis of life.

Largely you end up seeing everything from these two filters. You either take life very seriously or you treat it too absurdly.

I want to move away from these two axis and operate in a third one. It exists but in the corners and seen rarely.

I want to move to the amused axis.


One Response to “Lifeless serious”

  1. Sugarikena May 13, 2011 at 12:40 pm #

    hahahahaha 🙂

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