18 Apr

The beauty of reading lies in it’s duality and duplicity. As a friend recently commented on my blog that reading is living vicariously, seeing the world from someone else’s eyes, in case of reading from the eyes of the writer.

Yes the book has characters, different personalities,each having different views and opinions, yet end of the day they are a creation of the writer’s imagination. And with that imagination the characters are both limited as well as enriched.

But at no point should the reader forget that he is engaged with the personality of an individual and he is seeing the world from the writer’s point of view. A world of his creation.

The reader at no point should forget this duality.

There are two stages of reading, firstly is when you are in the world of imagination and secondly when you disengage yourself from that and become yourself once again. The problem with many readers and I consider it a limitation, is that they are always themselves. They are unable to leave their world, they have an inability to see the world from the eyes of the writer. They don’t have that duality. To give a simple example, if a blind person describes his world in words, the reader has to be that blind person for without losing the sight yourself, the reader will never be able to understand the writing, it would be just jumbled words and meaningless reading. Reader can view, contemplate, argue, disagree or whatever else he wants to do is after he has disengaged himself and is no longer a writer, a creator of that imagination but a reader who read someone’s imagination and is now viewing it with his understanding.

Imagine I’m a writer and who is only interested in the internal world, the world of the mind, where names, locations, settings are meaningless and only thing that matters to me is what makes the mind tick and I believe in the universality of human weaknesses and believe that by giving geographical, physical, symbolic, tangible or intangible manifestation will reduce the thoughts universality, then does that make me a less writer if you the reader likes to have a setting. That you need a reference point or a peg to hold the thoughts, is that my limitation or the readers shortcoming.

The simple parallel of this is, someone being unable to experience to romance of the rain with the sound without getting drenched.

Duality is mandatory.

If you cannot feel that the words in front of eyes are written by you, you don’t deserve to be the reader of that book.

Does it hold good for every book?

Yes for every book, reason some books have no readers as there is no one except one who says it is mine.

Hope You enjoyed and my views were understood.



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