40 year old advertising man

25 Mar

I was watching this ad featuring Sachin Tendulkar, don’t ask me the brand, who can remember all the brands the man promotes, it has tendulkar facing a black menacing looking bowler with a hockey stick.

And as I saw the ad it was obvious that the TVCommercial has been thought by a guy between 35-45 age bracket atleast.

What gave it away?

The black fast bowler.

Obviously the guy was a cricket watcher in somewhere between 1975-1990 when westindies dominated the cricket world. And we had legends like Andy Roberts, Joel Garner, Malcolm Marshall and the works scaring the shit out of Indian batsmen.

The cricketing world of today hasn’t seen the big scary bowlers of that kind for decades now.

It was obvious that adman as he sat with his scribbling pad, said tendulkar facing a fast bowler with hockey stick and Michael Holding with the ball.

Dude I agree, those were the days, Taits and Lees and Akhtars and Bonds and Johnsons might have the pace but where is the character.


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