The lasting thoughts – 2010

3 Jan

The year opened with a fight.

Dec 31, 2009, time to celebrate, time to rejoice, time to make resolutions, time of gaiety, frolic and fun, that’s what the wife wanted, I and another kindred soul were of the opinion that being amongst zillion strangers was not the way to bring in the year. I won, simply because I refused to lose myself in crowd.

So 2010 was ushered in amongst tears, fights, arguments and all their synonyms.

I find it very difficult to remember things specially when I’m trying to, but lemme at least cover what I can recollect, I am sure, I will miss a lot.

Jan always is the month of my daughter’s birthday because she starts two weeks in advance reminding me what she wants and keeps talking about it for 2 weeks once it’s past. So that covers Jan.

Feb as such is a short month, flew at the same speed without leaving behind any trace or memory.

Actually, this is not working out, if I go with month approach, all would go away saying nothing happened. I will try another way.

In 2009 lot many changes had happened, many of the friends had got married, some good friends had left the city to find their fortune somewhere else, and the time that was usually spent together was no longer there. So four of us decided to take a weekend out, go somewhere and spend time together. Errol flew in from Mumbai, Neil joined, Swagat planned and I just drove everyone to our nowhere destination. We all spoke like motor-mouths, drank like fish, pulled each other’s leg, ate like pigs, fought like dogs and slept like logs. Somewhere in the second night, discussion went to ambitions, not work ambitions but something beyond, more like dreams, so we all being little less cautious baring ourselves, spoke our hearts. I said I would like to someday try and write a book. I actually had tried writing something, a number of times but had never ever finished beyond chapter 1 before. So neil, asked do you have a story, I said no but Swagat has something on which we had planned to collaborate, though structurally we had a similar context but on manifestation we could not agree. So while Swagat wanted to make it in a film script the way he saw it, I wanted to take the thought in a different direction. Though the genesis of the idea was Swagat’s he was willing to give it to me for me to develop it the way I wanted. That’s beside the point, important is, I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone, when Errol said fuck-off. We all have heard your ideas before, so finish it and send me, I would read it this time.

And I did write, it’s not the question of how good or bad the final output is, the fact is it finished thanks to Errol at that moment. And he followed that by checking every week, how many words I have finished, how it was shaping up, till it got its own momentum eventually and reached the conclusion. And the interesting part is Errol doesn’t read much, he hasn’t read it, doubt will ever read it yet he ensured in his own way that I finish.

Thank you Swagat for being generous enough to share a wonderful thought without a second thought. And thank you Errol for being a pain.

And journey was most joyful for those 8 months.

Throughout the year the usual routine continued, going out with friends often, getting drunk regularly, till October end. When one day after another maddening all night session, I woke up feeling sick and the inanity of over-drinking dawned on me. Not that I took an oath that I won’t drink ever again in my life but I somehow haven’t felt like drinking since that day. It’s been couple of months I haven’t had a drink. But if someone asks have you quit, I say no, I’m just choosing not to drink. It’s always good to have a choice, without it you are just a prisoner and not an exponent of free will.

I acquired lots of new possessions during the year, I got a new DVD player, I got a new Nintendo Wii, a bought myself i-touch, then I also got an i-pad. I spoilt, actually destroyed, the old DVD player, my son ruined by X-box, my PSP is gathering dust somewhere. I bought 4 pairs of new shoes, one was thrown after being used for a week, the transition from love to hate was quite dramatic there, other 3 are still around.
Oh, around reminds me, my most major achievement of the year, I turned 40. I’m so happy to be around. I had planned major celebrations around the event, one was to get 18 year Russian virgin twins and some other such ordinary innocuous things to do. These were some of the gifts I had planned to surprise myself with but then eventually I dazed myself by doing nothing. It somehow seemed appropriate to mourn the tragic event in solitary isolation listening to some heart-wrenching poetry about death and misery of old age.

As soon as I turned 40, I got a jolt out of the blue, so shocking that it could have made my poor heart give way. I got a mail, from a girl saying she likes my writing. For a second, I thought it’s a spam, then the realization dawned that it’s an April fool trick but the calendar was showing August, so maybe a practical joke but actually it wasn’t. So not only did I get an actual appreciation mail, I met the lady also, and she was, ahem… quite attractive (wife reads the blog sometimes, else would have told the truth). Go burn.

What else happened during the year, I did my once a year trip to Chandigarh/Panchkula. As usual had a halt at Delhi, stayed with Sudip, was amazed by his son Anay, saw the Lion that the tigress Anu had won, faffed with Kundan, got drunk as usual.

I played badminton quite regularly this year, golf very irregularly, gym was skipped, and running was only in the mind. But a healthy year in the larger context.

I am forgetting something.

Oh yes, the family and especially the wife.

Archana as usual, pushed me to live healthily, was despite her reluctance quite benevolent enough to edit my book of gazillion grammatical mistakes, she even read it, or so she says because every time I ask her she feigns amnesia, but I’m sure she has, and as long as she remembers me and my face I’m good. My healthy eating was directly linked to her plans, if she was trying to lose weight I would get the right food and if she went off her diet, it was safely assumed by her that I’m off too and the ghee laden, butter soaked paranthas would grace my plate, and my every protest was laughed off. If she joined gym, so did I, you get the idea. But she was extra generous on my 40th birthday. I got 2 cycles, 2 seats, 2 bells, 2 speedometers, basically 2 of everything, but closer inspection showed one cycle was tad bit shorter than the other, I thought maybe she wasn’t very sure but surprise surprise, one has for her. Did you, dear reader, even get an inkling of such machination, I for one never suspected. But yeah, she again insured I lived to see 2011, she is clear other than her no one or nothing else can kill me. And she ensures that by making me live healthily.

Kids as usual were wonderful. Out of superstition will not write how amazing it is to have them around, my bundles of joy, my stress-busters, nerve-wreckers, hair-pullers, scream-happy-machines.

My brother was graced with twins, sad haven’t met them so far.

There is more to write but I’m kind of tired now, I missed about travel, some parties, few friends, work I don’t write about, and some happiness in tummy moments.

2010 year ended with a kiss.

And 2011 opened with a kiss.


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