Lovely Lust and Lusty Love

29 Dec

One of the most misunderstood and underrated emotion is lust. Now lust has two manifestations, one where it stands individually without any companion in its physical avatar, which is purely carnal and physical gratification. A truth of the moment.

But there is another, which is as a companion to love. An expression, an emotion that sustains love. One of the jokes that I always say is that never trust a man when he says I love you for he can be lying through his teeth, but believe him when he says that I lust you for then he has to show it. You cannot be limp about it.

But jokes apart, in the hearth of passion are forged the bonds of undying love. Lust is the beginning, without lust there would be no love and when the lust is lost so is love. You may turn out to be friends and still enjoy and need each other’s companionship but you are no longer lovers.

To be lovers lust is an integral part.

But then why is lust seen with so much suspicion?

There can be many reasons for it, some might blame it on the pristine virginal concept of love popularized by our cinema or maybe because of the way we were told that sex is not the done thing during our growing up years, the cultural aspect of looking at lust with suspicion.

But the pull of the lust is intrinsic; it’s part of our animal nature.

The true reason, in my mind, is the fickleness of lust that makes its nature suspect.

Now let’s divide lust in the two forms it has before beginning of love and post finding love.

Love’s foundation is based on lust, it is the physical attraction that forces your hand to make the first move and make an effort to approach the person. It might not be realized lust but it is the felt lust and there is no emotion attached at that point except the physical magnetism that attracts you. And this is the tricky point of lust, to give in or not give in to its demands. Your body wants it but you mind is still rebelling against it. There is no right answer to this question, the choice has to lie with the individual, you can either live the moment, even when you know it’s nothing beyond the moment, or not. Even if there is a possibility of beyond the moment, you may go with its flow or you may not. You decide. But even if you don’t go with the flow, you can always harness it to find more moments of togetherness before you make your decision.

The second part is lust after you have discovered love under the layers of lust. This lust needs to be sustained. One needs to find the partner physically attractive, attractive enough to fulfill physical needs, you cannot let or think that satisfaction of the mind or soul will keep the relationship intact. It’s the continuation of lust that will bind you together.

I can write lots more, but I’m bored now (wonder where I picked up this trait) and will end up with a closing thought, next time when you are with your partner, don’t ask whether you love me, ask him/her, do you lust me.

The answer will define whether you are friends or lovers.


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