Fast and furious

14 Dec

Early morning, daughter wakes up and she is presented her glass of milk.

As usual there is tantarum thrown, and the glass of milk lies unattended.

Time for all-knowing fatherman to salvage the situation.

“Darling, drink your milk”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“I will hold the glass, you take sip from there.”

Glass there and a fraction of milliliter consumed and no visible difference in the level of milk even after considerable time and effort

“Your brother drank his milk faster and you I’m sure are faster than him.”

“How fast did he finish?”

“30 seconds”

“I am faster than him, I will finish in 1 minute.”

Large gulps and glass is empty.

Fatherman saves the day again.


One Response to “Fast and furious”

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