Some Battles are always lost

26 May

I have been married for a long tyme

On which I can write a very happy rhyme

But then as they say life should have spice

For that you cannot be always nice

And spend together time can become full of delight

If you can season it with your fair share of fight

So listen to two of my tales

Which again show a husband frail

Battles and wars, gnarling teeth and scratching claws

Caution thrown to the wind followed no laws

One we used to have every day

Never a chance went to my skin flay

Yet there are some when the sky fell

Those are the stories to tell

Gone we had out in our zingy car

The fight she took a bit too far

Opened the door at the signal, out she bound

For hours I went round and round

Nowhere was she found

Penniless, walked she many a mile

Cursing, abusing, sulking ready to rile

Came back and I just stepped in

When I saw the price of my unintended sin

Books torn, favorite things destroyed, as I stood devastated

Anything I loved in front of my eyes was annihilated

Even my compass went for a toss

Of that I still feel the loss

I was reminded as I stood there and trembled

Maggi days would be back if I again fumbled

Then there is another that shook my soule

Since the penalty was too foule

In her fights she is never just

And always my tricks go bust

How it started, to time it is lost

But etched in the memory is the end cost

There I stood, in my hand my bottle of brew

When in a rage I flew

Quickly I checked how much I had drunkg

Before to the wall it was flung

Bottle took a graceful toss before it hit the wall

Sound was loud, millions of pieces were all over strewn

Proud of my smart action, I stood there tall

I wear the pants here, in my mind was playing this tune

Smugly I looked up to find her still there rooted

Wondered I, why she still hadn’t scooted

Then she did walk, but towards fridge to my horrer

As the first bottle came out, I felt in my heart a frightening terrer

For there were beautiful bottles nineteen in the chiller

And then warrior princess started like can’t be seen thriller

Before I could think or react or quickly say a word sweet

Bottle flew, swished in front of my nose and hit the wall concrete

Gone now was the time for any reason

Death by torture was the verdict for my treason

One by one all came out and joined the old fleet

Only then stop her hand and feet

All the glass laid around, mind numb, plan tumbled

Once again the mistress and her ingenuity had me humbled

As I spent the next three hours, mopping and throwing the glass in bin

Of one thing I was sure, beer in future will be bought only in a tin

Such has been the end of chronicle each

In the end she triumphs, beg, grovel mercies at her feet I beseech

There are many anecdotes that one can describe

But why disgrace yourself when you are the scribe

But all her these wily machinations

Has led me to these ruminations

How come every time I get tricked?

Why only my hot air balloon gets pricked?

To this part of our matrimony this would be the conclusion

She would win always, I resign, by some divine collusion


One Response to “Some Battles are always lost”

  1. John Doe May 27, 2010 at 5:54 pm #

    The weaker sex, the fairer sex
    Is actually neither weak nor fair
    To cross them is a fallacy
    One which I would never ever dare

    They will beat you with muscles
    They will kill you with a stare
    And if all else fails, they have tears
    And what else? To mention I wouldn’t care

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