Show me the money

24 May

He stood outside the ATM, trying to make up his mind. It was a hot sweltering day, yet he was sweating more out of his discomfort, unable to make the choice. He wasn’t sure he should be doing this; he could feel the grip of fear in his heart. He knew it could all go wrong.

Yet he had no choice, he needed the money.

He looked again at the cash van standing outside the ATM, he knew they were filling in the money. From the corner he eyed the guard standing nonchalantly with the useless double barrel gun.

He walked towards the guard to ask, hesitated and came back. He turned around and looked at the road. It was early morning, there was sparse traffic, and he was the only one at the ATM at that hour. He knew he didn’t have much time; he had to make the decision and make that decision now before it was too late.

He could feel the sweat forming on his forehead and slowly trickling down.

He saw the man walking out of the ATM, he knew the money had been pushed into the machines, before the man could react or even come out he rushed in, guard tried to stop him he pushed him aside and went in, and within seconds he rushed out clenching the cash in his hands.

He could see the car parked across the road.  He didn’t pay any heed to the coming traffic and sprinted across the road, he heard a screech of tires and someone abusing him.

He reached the car, stopped, he could suddenly feel energy draining from his body, he shoulders drooped, he felt his heart sinking, he stopped, closed his eyes, took a deep breath and reached out to take the no-parking ticket stuck under the screen wiper.


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