Random Post

19 Mar

I’m right now bored out of my wits. So rather than completely waste away my time, I have opened my blog and clicked on new post and here I’m, without any idea what I plan to write, except furiously type why I am here to begin with. Now that is behind me, I would now start my struggle with what should follow this.

Since we are on the topic of Time, best irony would be to write about it.

Yesterday I started reading Mahabharta and in the first few pages found three beautiful lines about Time…

1. Existence and non-existence, pleasure and pain; have Time as their root

2. Time is only thing that  doesn’t slows down for anything

3. Time is awake even when everything sleeps

But my favorite description of Time is defined as a naked runner, oil rubbed all over his body, running very fast towards, bald except for a small tuft of hair in front ofhis head. So if Time has to caught it only can be from the front.

Short Story

Ah, I haven’t written about my daughter for some time. Yesterday she was talking to my wife and she says Mama do you know where Moon goes in the day. Wifey asked,where. She says, I gobble it up in the morning. So wifey goes, how come we see it every evening. She said, simple, I spit it out every evening and then gobble again in the morning. So wifey says, is that why you don’t eat your food properly because your tummy is filled with Moon.She goes,ya.


Drunk (almost) man standing, when a  drunk (definitely)  woman staggers up to him

She: Did you steal my drink?

He: If  I had to steal something I would steal you,why your drink.

She: What will you do after you steal me?

He: That you will find out after I steal you

She: Do you have the balls to steal me?

He: if I had the balls, would have stolen you by now.

She: I wait

She staggers away, he goes back to drinking.   


If immorality is not abiding by what is defined, which obviously are morals, then when an immoral person does (immoralfrom the point of view of defined moral) does not abide by what is defined as immoral is he being moral or imimmoral? Partner in crime, cheats the partner.

Books I recommend

have read nothing for a long time, which is worth recommending, why don’t you recommend me one. But I read these, atleast I didn’t enjoy them much-

1. Girl who played with fire

2. Dork

3. Two states

4. SuperFreakonomics 

But the books I plan to read and have it by my bedside-

1. Mahabharta – Adi Parva (vol 1)

2. Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest

3. Blood Meridian

 4. The Road

5. The Hindus – An alternative history

6. Ka

7. Short History of nearly everything

8. Cartoon History of the world(Vol 1-7 & Vol 8-13)

9. Brief & wondrous life of Oscar Wao (half read, need to finish)

10. Fables



One Response to “Random Post”

  1. John Doe April 8, 2010 at 4:30 pm #

    the fact that YOU are suffering from boredom doesn’t mean that you have to inflict it on other people.

    just joking.

    if boredom makes you write, do get bored more often.

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