Happy New Year

6 Jan

“Happy New Year”

“Wishing you the same”

“So what’s the new year resolution”


“Ya, resolution”


“Why? So that you can improve, do somethings better or change something, whatever”

“You mean I need to change”

“I don’t know, I’m sure you know better”

“You mean I’m not perfect”


“You have issues with me? You don’t like me anymore or what? Tell me honestly”

“When did I say that?”

“You just said, there is something wrong with me”


“What what?”

“I just asked you about your new year resolution, its a tradition, everyone makes one, some just to break it, but everyone makes it. It was to have a conversation”

“You find it difficult to talk to me?”

“What are you talking?”

“I am asking, though technically that is also talking since it too is a speech pattern similar to talking with vocal chords playing the same role but neuro-chemical combinations are far different, but I think here you are talking something but actually saying something else. We should be having an honest talk, rather than just making vague statements. I think you are accusing me of something”

“Are you a moron?”

“Ah finally I see the truth, you think I’m dumb”

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Its my mistake I asked YOU a simple thing. I should have known better”

“So you always knew about mental incapacity, so why didn’t you just say I need to eat more almonds. Why the big charade about resolution or some other bullshit”

“Almonds. Have you finally completely lost it?”

“Finally? Completely?  Not weak, its none now. Hmmm… Leave it, what’s your new year resolution”

“I’m not telling you”

“Aha, so you had the audacity to ask mine, and not only that youmade it sound like it is your prerogative to know mine, and mine not having one was a proof point of my non-existent mental facilities, and you don’t even tell  me yours”

“I don’t think  its a good time”

“So you don’t have good time with me. Its a bad time, horrible time, painful time, you are hating it. Time you spend with me is no longer fun, its bad. So why do you bother to have awful time?”

“What’s wrong with this guy? I didn’t mean it that way. I meant you will not understand”

“Not understand. I’m a selfish pig. Jerk of a guy. I can’t believe you are saying all this to me. You have been feeling like this for a long time. I think you have found someone else and are just looking for an excuse to call it quits”


“There you said it, quits. so easily”

“What did I say?”



“Now. And don’t give me those rolling of eyes, I might not be an understanding guy or even understand the simplest things but I’m not that dumb or deaf that I can’t hear what you said. I heard it loud and clear, you said quits, though I should have heard it long back”

“Have you lost it?”

“Lost what? I just lost you. Lost love, trust everything”

“You are pissing me off, you are making a mountain out of nothing. I think I should go now”

“Aha, so its nothing now. Isn’t that what I said, so if its nothing, why don’t you tell me your nothing resolution? Come on, you supersmart genius. Tell me the little thing that you plan to change about yourself. You made me sound like an idiot of astronomical proportions sometime back, accusing me of a selfish, non-understanding, no brainer jerk. What’s your resolution, enlighten this asshole.”


“Oh, by the way mine is to test resolution of others”

Sound of a slashing knife, gushing blood and a thud.

The End.


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