Sock the monster

22 Dec

I’m scared. There resides in some dark unseen corner, or maybe in my drawer, though the most likely place is the washing machine a monster. And he eats socks, actually just one sock from a pair. I have now in  around fifteen single socks, with their spouses lost to the greed of a hungry monster.

Ah, I still remember the day, those divine couples, a marriage made in heaven, when I welcomed them to my drawer, they looked so much in love, clinging to each other, together for life, promise of eternal togetherness on their lips as they slept together. Next morning, I looked at the beautiful perfect couple, picked them up with tenderness and  wore them, came back in the evening and put them in for an erotic spin in the washing machine. They were looking at me with such tenderness and affection. I whispered through the glass window, see you soon. Enjoy the ride. 

But a week later when I looked for them again, to my horror there was only one of them, lost, sad, lying alone in a corner in midst of other couples, pining and wallowing for the partner. Then one by one all couples started losing their partners, it was a carnage, one of the foulest, vicious and voracious gobbling of my beautiful socks.

 I had no idea what  to do, so one day with a heavy heart I took out the widowed sock and threw it out. But to my horror when I opened the drawer next morning it was lying on top and staring at me. I was lost now, was it the part of the pair that I threw or the gobbled one, who somehow had managed to fight and brave the monster and is back now, seeking his partner. I went through the whole house looking for the other one. But alas it was not to be found. So again I repeated the act and said goodbye to the sock.

But the same thing happened next morning. Today I am an absolute nervous wreck, I tremble at the prospect of opening my drawer every morning, my hands go all sweaty and shake, I can feel my heart pounding,  pulse throbbing in my head, the suspense and terror is beyond human endurance, sheer will and a desire to solve the mystery is sustaining me. 

So someone please save me, either kill the sock demon or tame my mean sense of humor socks, which ever is the case.  


One Response to “Sock the monster”

  1. John Doe January 1, 2010 at 6:38 pm #

    I have been waging an unsuccessful battle against the sock monster as long as I remember.

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