Only in unsaid is said I love you….

25 Nov

In love one should hear the unsaid and never believe the said. If you were to ask me if I love you, I can craft the words to paint the sky in hues of love, make the flowers smile, wash you with the morning dew, make the eyes twinkle with the light of the stars, make the butterflies flutter in your heart, make birds sing songs of your beauty, oh there can be beautiful, ornate words, words that would dazzle. But don’t listen to words. Words are nothing but chicanery, a sleight of the hand, an illusion, clay in the hands of an expert where they can take any shape he wants. In love listen to the silence. Hear the unsaid. Unsaid covers the chasms of mystery, it holds in its fold sound of sea of emotions,  a beating heart,  talking eyes, in the unsaid see a world, a world of you, where shuffle of your slippers, hand running through the hair, blinking twinkling eyes, dancing fingers, lips  in half smiles, your every sound is music everyday. In the unsaid you will hear the truth. Truth which the words can’t change, a truth the words can’t hide and a truth which is true.  

So if i want to know if I love you, don’t ask, just listen to what I can never say.


2 Responses to “Only in unsaid is said I love you….”

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