You are “NOT” a golfer when…

4 Jun

  1. You cheat, in anything
  2. Beauty is not your inspiration.
  3. You think perfection is unattainable
  4. You compete with others and not yourself
  5. You enjoy others failure and not their success
  6. Compromise is your starting point
  7. You don’t even try
  8. You are not one with nature
  9. You think only breaking 80 makes you are a golfer
  10. You do not think of breaking 80
  11. You do not think of playing golf when you are 80
  12. Your excuse is “I couldn’t wake up” 
  13. You do not miss not playing and not even feel the loss and guilt
  14. You can play alone or with anyone (I mean play and not practice)
  15. You do not smile on the course and enjoy the company of friends 
  16. You do not think one, just one shot is a reason enough to come back again
  17. You do not fall in love at the first sight
  18. You think, it’s just a GAME
  19. (And one for the 19th hole) ….You do not sit with friends for post game analysis

2 Responses to “You are “NOT” a golfer when…”

  1. John Doe June 5, 2009 at 12:50 pm #

    I would like some clarification on point no.14. What do you mean when you say that golfers cannot play alone?

    • fictitioustruth June 5, 2009 at 3:43 pm #

      Like every other game this too requires practice, but golf unlike many other games is at heart a social game. In the 4-5 hours you spend on the course majority of time is not spent on active playing and if you are not in enjoyable company or are yourself not social you at some level miss the essence of the game.

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