The 65 lakh heist

27 May


Book authored by “Surinder Mohan Pathak” and was originally written in Hindi in the year 1977 as “65 (pensat) lakh ki dakati”. After more than 30 years the translated version has come to market.

Author used to translate James Hadley Chase books in Hindi and also write original stories and is obviously inspired from JHC books. And anyone who has ever liked JHC books must read it. It is a great thriller, hero is a thief in the mold of “The Saint aka Simon Templar” (another favourite character created by Leslie Charteris) , has action, well detailed/planned robbery, treachery, double cross, chase, femme fatales,ruthless characters, flawed yet human anti-hero(s), even a mention about homosexuality (amazing for a hindi book written in 1977), and a wonderful ending including a humorous sadistic Tarntinoish touch.

All  in well well crafted, quick, satisfying read. Love the cover.

Strongly recommended.

Cover downloaded


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