Why Congress won?

26 May

Lots of analysis on Congress victory in these elections, like cricket now we have become experts here also, I am sure I can also add my two bit.

I will not talk about multiple individual factors like Rahul Gandhi factor or Advani calling Manmohan Singh weak but would focus on a single factor that is the voter to a large extent.

In these elections the most important factor were two large groups, youth & the lower middle class and their vote to a large extent decided the victorious versus the derided. Now the question is why did they behave the way they did.

Let us first look at the main platforms of the two main parties, and they cannot be more stark, where Congress focused on the individual and his prosperity, BJP focused on the nation and its stability/growth. It was a tussle of a micro versus the macro.

And the times we are living in somehow make micro more important than macro. Economic instability is making people unsure of their own future and a person needs to first solve his problems before he can be concerned with any larger picture. And that is what worked for Congress. 

If elections had been held maybe 2 years ago when we as a nation were getting prosperous and had a shinning outlook, then macro (like terrorism would have been a platform) because in that scenario a macro element like terrorism would have destabilized my micro secure universe. And to protect my micro I, as a voter, would have focused on resolving macro issue and would have supported a party which I would have believed could have resolved that issue.

I am of the opinion, a voter looks at everything from an individual presepctive (and correctly so) rather than a mass good lens ever. What changes is what he sees is more important for him and in this case immediate comfort of next meal and job was more important than Taliban & Pakistan.

I just hope Congress does not belie his hopes.    


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