The mystery of the missing pink ball

7 May

She got up in the morning and ran outside to play with her new pink ball. And she jumped up on her toy shelf but in a jiffy she was under the bed and then she was on the bed and she was in the next room and the next room and then the kitchen, soon followed up with a hurried and very worried visit to the bathrooms, now almost a panicked rush towards the balcony. But there was no ball to be seen. Her pink ball was no where. How was that possible? She remembered playing with it, but when?


Definitely, not too long ago.


This was baffling and very unacceptable. After all it was her favorite ball. Pink Ball. Where could it be? If it was not in her room and rest of the house, it had to be in some other house. But whose house? Who all had come to her place yesterday or maybe the ball was missing for the last few days and she had not realized.

But  yesterday would be a good start. 


Who can be the first suspect. Archie?  She was the first one to come in last morning, but then she never entered the house, she just stood outside like always and called. I love her, Archie. But then Mama came and said that I cannot go to her house till i finish my breakfast. I want to go even now. I will tell Nani and go. And Go now. Why won’t Mama let me go. I will go and tell Mama she is a bad girl. But she can give a whack on my bum. I want to play with Archie with my pink ball. I will go to her house and take my pink ball along. But where is pink ball. Oh, Archie has taken it. No she has not. She cannot and she will not. If she finds it she would always give it back.


If it is not Archie, it must be Nibi. I will punch her and take my ball back. But when was last time she came to my house, I don’t like her. She fights so much with me. Nani says I should not play with her and should play in my tent. She says right. I will never play with her. But she has taken my pink ball, I have to get my pink ball back. 

Ding Dong”.

 Who could that be?


Dhobi. No, Dhobi Uncle.


Wow. Now I can quickly go and run into Nibi’s house, find my ball and come back. 

Lucky me, her door is open and her mummy is also not around. Only her dufus brother is there, what will he understand. babies are such dodos, but Aarav is nicer. I like him, except when Dada picks him up, then I want to go and punch him in his tummy. But he is Prince Simba and I’m Princess Simba, we both are Simbas. When he grows up and becomes big like me, we will both beat up Nibi together, she would still be small. Oh, there is my ball under the bed. No these are stupid shoes of her.


There come Nibi and her mean Mummy.

Where is my ball?”


My ball. My pink ball. It is only mine. Give it back. Now.”




I will not play with you.”


And the argument continued for some more time, till she had her way and checked every where in Nibi’s house, under, over, above, inside, outside, everywhere and a repeat of everything till she was sure and then doubly, then triply sure that the ball was not there. Dejected she came back home.


Slowly and steadily, the list of suspects kept on dwindling till there were none left, except Mama & Nani. But why would Nani hide the ball, she would never do that. And Mama? Yesterday she said when I was not eating food last night that she will take all my toys and give it to someone. But I make her run after me for food every night and she says it every night…. I will do this and do that and no TV and no games and no playing and oh and eh and ah. But my Mama never does anything. I love only her. But I will take her ring with diamonds and her necklace and wear it with my Cindrella dress. But she has taken my pink ball.

Where will I find it? 


Dada, will get my ball.


Yes sweetie”

Mama is not giving my ball”

why not”

She has hidded my ball”


She has hidden my ball”

Why has she done that?”

Ask her to give my ball back. I want to play with it.”

Mama, give Simba’s ball back.”


She doesn’t have your ball.”

She has. She has hidded, mmmmm… hidden my pink ball”

Which ball?”

Pink Ball”

Ball you were playing with last night.”

Yes. I played with it last night.”

And you threw it very high.”

Yes and it touched the sky”

But sweetie, you don’t have that ball, I have not got you that ball. You dreamt of your ball and you wanted it. I promised you we will buy it today from the market.”

We have to go to market to buy my pink ball.”


Let’s go Dada, and buy my ball.”

Simba have your breakfast.”

mama, is calling, go finish your food and then we will go.”

mama, give me bite.”





3 Responses to “The mystery of the missing pink ball”

  1. John Doe May 21, 2009 at 12:48 pm #

    we all have our missing pink ball.

    • fictitioustruth May 21, 2009 at 1:28 pm #

      thank you for commenting. This is one of my favourite pieces but maybe I could not capture my intention of saying “Is illusion not as real as the reality itself”. And I thought this from a kid’s view would be an interesting but was maybe missed.

  2. John Doe May 22, 2009 at 1:06 pm #

    well you did capture what you wanted to perfectly. though i prefer to see it as – illusion is sometimes more precious than reality itself.

    at least some time it is more interesting.

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