Vote. Why?

8 Apr

What is a system? Nothing but a collection of individuals. The common identity it forms is a combination of varied personalities and thoughts. The end result that we see, breathe and live is formed by our actions.

And within many actions that we do, work, play, love, fight, cooperate, argue,discuss, think, learn, there is another we do or we don’t…vote. Some of us vote and lots of us don’t. Those who vote argue that only by making a choice we will be able to change the system. They believe it is a positive action that would lead to positive results. And those who don’t argue the futility of this effort and exercise; vote for this goon or that criminal, this idiot or that dufus is immaterial, when you make a blind person your driver, it doesn’t matter he kills you at this turn or that turn, ultimately you are dead.

Where do I stand?

I believe in our system. To say it again, system is many individuals moving in a single direction, by choice or by the force of crowd but moving in the same direction. To quote George Orwell from his seminal work “Animal Farm”, “All men are equal but some men are more equal than others“. This would not be more truer anywhere than in India. The direction we have taken has been decided by morally corrupt, intellectually hollow, degenerate individuals. We are dish whose goose has been cooked and the end result is a pungent, decaying , stinking, unpalatable society. Yet I believe our system is dying but not yet dead.

Our redemption lies in its death.

What we must do is either kill it or wait till it dies. Only once we fail completely,once we hit the nadir of human degradation that we can hope to rise. Our hope today lies in failure, our failure and failure of a concept called India and not in success.

When you do not vote, you are just a spectator waiting for the system to die its natural death but by exercising your choice to vote you can participate, you can be that killer, that redeemer who will hold that knife and shove it in its chest and twist it.

I say go out and vote for the worst, not the best of worst or best of the best but THE WORSE OF THE WORST.

Leave no space for yourself to run, push your back against the wall, let them come and rub your face in dirt. Let those fuckers come. Let those politicians,corrupt bureaucrats, those power hungry businessmen play the system, suck out the last atom of oxygen and choke you. Only then and only then you would react and the revolution you have been waiting for years for would rise from your pride, your heart, and your hands. Push that hand to vote to hold a sword of change tomorrow.      




5 Responses to “Vote. Why?”

  1. Gauri April 16, 2009 at 2:27 am #

    an angle that certainly amuses.. never ever thought of voting in this light. yet, you make some sense..
    i have voted only once. that was out of a sense of duty and excitement. This is the first time i really wish i would be back in my hometown to vote. For i have never been so close to the hype of voting — by means of newspapers, TV commercials and blog posts like this one — before..

  2. sadak chhap April 17, 2009 at 4:13 pm #

    Revolution – revolution – revolution

    Bomb. hahahhhaha

  3. fictitioustruth April 20, 2009 at 1:05 pm #

    @Gauri, vote needs to have a purpose. Maybe I proposed too radical a solution. Though with current set of people vote might seem futile (it does to me) but a positive side to it is when educated and aware citizens like you vote, you donot stop at that. After process is over, you demand accountability, you can raise voice in right forums, use media to advantage (be social or electronic) and as a end result make politics unattractive and a non-paying option for those goons. That also would lead to same result end of current reality and beginning of a better one. But process there would be slower, struggle and strength one needs much higher, unlike a collective moment of frenzy and madness changing everything.

    @Sadak Chaap: Love your new pics and posts. Amazing stuff. Unfortunately cannot leave comments there as I have been blocked out of blogger and also blocked out of gtalk. Don’t have your number either.

  4. Gauri April 21, 2009 at 1:23 am #

    also, to vote you need great awareness and a track of political situations.. many of us lack that and suddenly wake up when it’s time to take a call. the next time, i am definitely going to be more prepared..

    why have you been blocked off blogger?? can’t you leave comments from your wordpress accnt, i thought it was porous- the wordpress-blogger dialogue. they shut it off initially, but allowed outside comments after mass blogger protests, that’s what i thought… anyways, looking fwd to your words on my blogs and hope the thing is sorted soon

  5. fictitioustruth April 21, 2009 at 9:48 am #

    @Gauri: I agree completely, we normally have macro awareness and none at micro-level. We know about who wants to be PM but sometimes have no idea who are candidates from our own constituency, unless they also are PMs in waiting.

    Regarding comments, problem is not from wordpress but the fact that blogger is not accessible. I can read there but cannot leave comments, limited access.

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