words, idea and a link

24 Nov

Last weekend went out drinking (again) with friends, two of us were generally getting bored so reached the venue much earlier than planned. So rather than just hanging around and chatting about nothing we decided to play story-telling game. It’s an old game, many of you would have played at some point of time, but for you who don’t know, the rules are like this, one gives the other person three random words and the other person is supposed to construct a story or situation around it. The condition is that the story/situation must be complete and told in maximum of one or two sentences.

I enjoyed it a lot, so here are the situations and the stories. You are free to write your own versions.

Situation 1: One life, one death and a divorced couple on a boat
Story: A recently divorced couple meet again at the spot where there son had drowned and the wife tells the husband that she is pregnant.

Situation 2: Two people on different tables in a restaurant, one with the mobile wants the other out of the place
Story: Man with the phone makes a call that lasts for 3 minutes, gets up from the seat, puts the phone surreptitiously on other guys table and walks out. After some time cops come and arrest the other guy.

Situation 3: Gun, shoelaces and a man
Story: Man wants to die so that wife gets the insurance money. Suicide will get him nothing. Takes the gun, puts the shoelace on the trigger and other end to the door. Sits in front of the gun and waits for someone to open the door.

Situation 4: Bed, overturned quilt and an open door
Story: You see a bed, overturned quilt, open door and you hear the voice of a little girl from the next room “Mom I had that nightmare again”.

Situation 5: Woman at a bar, mobile and a cherry
Story: Woman at the bar, keys in a number on the mobile, places the phone on the bar, puts a cheery on top and walks out.

There were some more situations which I cannot remember but we were surprised to find friends in so soon, after two hours.

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