The cloak of darkness

31 Jul

What is the purpose of night club? Why do we go there? What joy do we seek? Or what sorrow do we intend to forget? Who do we want to meet? Who is a victim of our disdain? What is the trip and what is the high? What makes us seek and lose ourselves amongst the pulsating beats, the sweaty bodies and thumping hearts and sloshed minds?

Howsoever hard I try to rationalize and reason it out as good times and pleasure trip with friends it somehow doesn’t get a grip in my mind, including the variations of the same theme, “I love to dance, great place to loosen up, and so and so forth”. Even the assumption that these places are watering holes for the stressed out metro life, seems a trifle bit watered down logic.

If I were to propose our intrinsic desire for promiscuity takes us to such places, how would you react?

Let’s start by breaking the whole experience into some basic elements – drinking (an act of lowering the inhibitions), close proximity of strangers (physical immediacy), a sense of adventurism (fueled by heightened senses) and these in turn bring forth our natural physical desires to the forefront. Yes, alcohol does lead some interesting discussions, fun, bonding but situation-location axis is located in very different physical dimension. And when this does happen in this setting it cocoons us in a silo which is independent of the physical reality of the night club.

My query is when the mind is conscious of the place, vibes and the energy in which the milieu is enveloping us and our willingness to embrace and resonate with the vibes, revel in the weakness of the flesh. When we are conscious of our lust and the lust of others around us, spilling over, so close, so real that it can be touched, smelt, felt on the skin. We perform for the world around, a mating season, peacocks with their wares in display and baboons with their bums raised.

But surprisingly in India this rarely translates into a reality it demands. Despite our realization, need and desire we do not succumb, we do not give in. We ignore the world we have transcended into and clutch to the realities we want to let go.

What holds us back? What stops us?



What is it?

If we don’t plan to transcend our mental barrier why make the effort? Why pretend?

Who do we fool? None but ourselves.

Where we can quench our desire, we only fuel our lust.

I suggest either give in or give up.

Either ways shed the cloak of darkness and lies.


One Response to “The cloak of darkness”

  1. Which Main? What Cross? August 13, 2008 at 5:44 pm #

    That’s a wonderful observation. As one of the actors who operate under the cloak of darkness, I cannot but agree that you have banged the nail on its head.

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