You know you are a golfer when……. (Part II)

5 Jun

Contributed by Champ, THE Golf Buddy

  1. You practice your golf swing everywhere – inside a loo, a conference room, a shopping mall, the parking lot…
  2. Everything around your office environs feels like a golf course. The plant on the hallway – a tree hazard. The boss’s cube – a giant pit (avoid! avoid!). The narrow carpeted passages between cubicles – a beautiful fairway…
  3. Honesty and fair play comes naturally.
  4. Your wardrobe does not have the following items: Jeans, round neck tees, baggy pants…
  5. Driving to the course at 4:00 am in the morning to chase a golf ball for 4 hours seems to be the most normal thing to you.
  6. All your vacations are planned on the basis of proximity to a golf course. No course? No go!
  7. You always carry the absolute essentials when going on a business trip – money, ID, blackberry, one glove.
  8. You have an Excel sheet of all the scores of your last 52 games, complete with graphs, charts and SWOT analysis.
  9. You take a break from this post at this point, and tell your friend that “Hey, I am done with the front nine, back nine to go”
  10. You love nature. From within.
  11. You realize that in golf, as in life, sometimes you are ahead, sometimes you are behind, the race is long…and the at the end, is only with yourself.
  12. You go to pick up your buddy on a Saturday morning, you honk the horn, he comes out with his golf set on his back, and the cap on his head, and you drive off – and you know that, right at that moment, life cannot get better. (Note: This is a quote from Baz Luhrmanns song “Wear Sunscreen”.
  13. Your favorite ads are those from Accenture. You wonder why they are not nominated to the Oscars.
  14. Your idea of a fun weekend is to go to the golf practice range and watch others hit. And marvel at the flight of a golf ball that has been hit well. You can sit and watch for hours!
  15. Your dream house is on a golf course. Facing the 18th green. So are all your golf buddy’s dream houses…
  16. When you buy a new car, the first thing you check out is the boot space – how many sets can I fit into this thing? Will it fit three sets? And a cart? A friend’s cart?
  17. Sometimes, grass can be more precious to you than gold. Especially if its grass from St. Andrews Golf Course. The Madikeri golf club has some of it, carefully placed in a jar for all true golfers to see and admire.
  18. It takes you 18 days to write this, and you thoroughly enjoy every one of those 18 days.


2 Responses to “You know you are a golfer when……. (Part II)”

  1. Chomps June 5, 2008 at 12:05 pm #

    Raman – Can you pls add the following. No more changes, I promise!

    Point twelve is a quote from Baz Luhrmanns song “Wear Sunscreen”. Is is possible to mention it in a footnote?

    Here is the link:

  2. Sue June 5, 2008 at 12:45 pm #

    those are some brilliant ads from Accenture, really 🙂 …wish I knew more about golf to really enjoy the wit in this post though.

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