Corporate destiny

21 Apr

He was a dedicated, honest, committed employee. And he had a nasty boss who made his life miserable.

Boss was spiteful, malicious and ensured every day in office was living hell. None of his great ideas ever saw the light of the day.

Boss had an uncanny habit of creating some critical work every Friday evening ensuring nights in the office every weekend.

He had lost his hunger and had not had a restful sleep for months. The very thought of office gave him nightmares.

After another horrid day in the office, he was lying on his bed. He made a wish – God, I try to do my best in the office every day and fail because of my boss. I am the good person here and he the bad one. Despite this he sleeps peacefully while I rot. Why I am not the boss and he the junior? If I was in his position everything would be right.

And while still mulling these thoughts after much tossing and turning he slept.

He had another miserable night full of nightmares.

Next day when he woke up, his wish had come true.

God knows how but the universe had conspired to make his wish true.

And with a purpose he strode towards the office.

He was there at his desk sharp at 9.30 and waiting to discuss his ideas with the junior.

10.00 am – no sign of the junior. Must be busy, he thought.

11.00 am – still no sign. Now he was getting restive. As a concerned boss he tried calling but no response.

11.30 am – junior walked in nonchalantly and sat down.

He called the junior to his room and with great enthusiasm discussed his idea.

Junior aggressively argued against the idea and even after much persuasion refused to buy into the idea. Boss had committed a presentation to the management the next day.

At 5.30 junior walked out of office after giving the work-life balance spiel to the boss.

He had to stay back in office till 1.00 am to finish all the work.

He had another miserable night full of nightmares.


3 Responses to “Corporate destiny”

  1. Sue April 29, 2008 at 11:50 am #

    a vicious cycle it is…. id really be more worried about being boss than an employee. I think its ten times harder!!

  2. Fictitioustruth April 29, 2008 at 12:10 pm #

    Moral of the story was that there are lots of people who crib about lots of things, including their jobs etc (including me). If one really analyzes he willfind that the fault lies within ourselves. In my working career I have never found anyone who was an unhappy employee made a happy boss. Aggression and ambition drives success not kindness and kinship. And one should not confuse aggresion for nastiness, they are different.

  3. lost & found May 6, 2008 at 12:10 pm #

    And agression produces results rather than kinship

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