Sca-Hairy Thought

4 Apr

I read a very interesting piece of information in a book “Herd” by Mark earls on why humans are virtually hairless – the naked ape. Being hairless actually is a necessity for our survival. The hypothesis is built around neotenic mutation. Neotenic mutation is when an adult demonstrates infantile behavioural characteristics. The evolutionary advantage neotenic mutation offers is in our social behavior. The first lesson we learnt was that a man is a social animal. And we all know that our higher social skills are a pre-requisite for our survival.

“The infant mutation is advantageous because of the social capabilities it brings. Infant chimps are much less violent than adults and happily live in larger groups. In other words, being already of social ape stock, the infant mutation that is our species has been selected for its ability to live even larger and more complex lives. Being a neotenic mutation enables us to be the social ape par excellence.”

Now obviously to educate you is not the reason to share this information.

I was wondering can we conclude from this data that people who have more body hair are more chimps and less human?

This would be true if they display similar or close to the behavior exhibited by chimps, which in general are-

1. Extraordinarily hostile and bullying behavior towards outsiders
2. Competitive by nature and cooperative only under specific circumstances
3. Obsessed with sex

Now surprisingly most of the hairy people I know demonstrate very similar behavior.

I think what these people probably need are trainers and not mentors.

Please corroborate.


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