No Smoking

27 Feb

The most panned movie of last year, hated by the critics, derided by the audience (most of them at least). And I, the gullible trusting soul almost believed them.

Thank God, better sense prevailed and I actually did watch the movie.

But the reason I am writing this mail is not to sing paeans for this wonderful work of art but about something which really made me think.

There is no background to it and context will be only for those who have seen the movie.

Ranvir Shorey losing his fingers (rather forcibly cut by Baba) and Baba restoring the finger later and Ranvir accepting it like a reward.

What an analogy?

Someone took something precious from you, something that never belonged to him, and not only takes away, takes it away as if it is his right and finally returns something which was always yours and never his as a reward and you accept it with gratitude at the benevolence.

Isn’t this exactly what the state does to its citizens?

A small scene, possibly missed if you blink twice but captures the intent of the film maker so beautifully – The eternal struggle of the individual against the state.

It’s not about the cigarette it is about free will.


2 Responses to “No Smoking”

  1. Red Venkat February 29, 2008 at 5:40 pm #

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    go figger

  2. bhavna March 6, 2008 at 6:00 pm #

    have opened the pages of theoldnotepad. resumed writing after a long time today. know you through blogs, so thought this might be of some interest to you.

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