Diamonds, gold and a little silver – Part 1

14 Jan

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Who is the most beautiful of them all?”
Of course, you my lady.

Every fashion, beauty, cosmetic brand has been giving this answer to the consumer since eternity.

Actually all these brands go a step further – they promise beauty. No ordinary beauty – transcendent beauty.

Is anything wrong with this?

No, not at all.

To be noticed, to be attractive, to stand out is the reason we dress up, invest in gold, diamonds, designer clothes and other fashion products.

Colored hair, torn jeans, ear-rings, bald look nothing but renditions of the same need.

All these are in a way are substitutes for success – I’m better than you. I’m special.

Humans are driven in their effort to be exceptional, brilliant, extraordinary.

The leader of the pack – Everyone wants to be special.

These products primarily address this innate need of the humans and beauty is an expression of this need.

Beauty makes you special. Makes you more than what you are or in a human logic shows your true worth – bow you minions to my glowing personality.

Now if you translate this logic into communication for say a jewelry brand, we will find advertising with beautiful women, products proclaiming their uniqueness, intricate designs.

To a detour here, unique is also an expression of beauty. Only unique will make you stand apart from the herd.

In creative expression terms all communication for beauty and jewelry brand stems from – all eyes upon you (person or the product).

But hey, here is my question, if such brands are addressing this special need, can communication for all these brands be clone of each other?

Another no will not be out of order here.

But that is all what we see… beautiful women, focus on designs, drawing attention to uniqueness –in various creative ways but always in the same form.

Now if a new jewelry brand has to enter this industry, how should it convey its differentiator?

Conventional wisdom will take the new brand to the same playing space. It will create footprints in a field already made dirty by many.

Is there a way in which the brand can differentiate itself without breaking away from the core reason for existence?

For this let’s move back and re-look at what is happening there.

Most of the brands have looked at beauty in a uni-dimensional way and focused on the softer aspects of the term – Mushiness, softness, love, longing, yearning.

But enter the deep recesses of your soul, the need does not stem from these feelings.
The true DNA of beauty is based on a baser human – DOMINATION.


Beauty must give you CONTROL. Control over the emotions of others.

A new truth.

A new reality.

To be continued…..


3 Responses to “Diamonds, gold and a little silver – Part 1”

  1. all that matters... January 15, 2008 at 11:35 am #

    Very interestng read…

    Awaiting the next part.

  2. Sue January 20, 2008 at 5:03 pm #

    A capturing post….quite intriguing and (may i add) borderline controversial ideas…

    One thing I am blessed/cursed with is an extremely vivid and visual imagination …. when I got to the end of your post where you talk about domination, beauty, lust and control….

    A picture of Angelina in a ‘dominatrix’ outfit (complete with black leather, whip and black lipstick) wearing ‘nakshatra’ diamond jewellery with ten hot guys bowing down to her and with four hot women fanning her …

    Wonder what the continuation to your post is going to do to my head…

  3. Sue January 20, 2008 at 5:29 pm #

    insert in 3rd para : popped up *

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