18 Dec

There is a concerted effort in the media today debunking the artificial beauty.

And who are these synthetic beauties – the wafer thin models parading down their wares on the ramps, adorning the billboards and generally peering down on us from every shop window.

The rationale for branding this class as non-natural -not unnatural or ethereal but non-natural –
is the fact that they make the everyday woman feel inadequate. They bring psychological and physiological disorders and are proponents of general misery in the majority.

Today every writer worth his ink is championing the cause of the everyday woman – “the real beauty”.

Hmmm… interesting.


Maybe yes, maybe not.

But is it possible we decode the above mentioned sentiment in some other manner and stretch the argument in another “irrelevant” direction.

Tiger Woods is not a golfer.

Somerset Maugham is not a writer.

Brendo is not an actor.


Because the years of dedication, hard work and commitment they put in to perfect their craft, change what is acceptable, set new standards, is nothing but a devious ploy to deride us.

Those bitches and bastards punish their bodies and minds just to humiliate us.

It is not a commitment to their art and craft but a conspiracy against us – “the real people”.

That pain is not real.

It is just a sham.

That reminds me of a conversation that a “real beauty” had with a “synthetic beauty”.

Real Beauty: “You are not real, I am”
Synthetic Beauty: “True. I am a thing of dreams and you an ugly reality.”

Accept the fact you lack the commitment to exercise.

Accept that you cannot resist those delicacies.

Accept the fact you don’t have the resolve to get up every day and burn that fat.

And accept you are fat ugly blob.

Or Celebrate mediocrity.

And this post makes me a writer par excellence, Hemingway is a just a figment of our collective imagination.

P.S: And don’t you write back about eating disorders, bulimia or any such thing. I am not condoning any such acts. It is our hatred towards anything that tries to rise above the average that disgusts me.


4 Responses to “Bitch”

  1. Manoj Jacob December 18, 2007 at 2:35 pm #

    thank you for saying i write very well. i now get the drift. 🙂

  2. Red December 18, 2007 at 4:07 pm #

    Humanity, like all organic occurrences, follow the Bell Curve…

    In a dynamic Bell Curve, while the average middle defines the masses “as is”, the extremes tend to point towards a possible “as would be”. The positive extremes are what, hopefully, define where the whole curve will “shift” towards…

    In a natural environment, the extremes…the innovators, the discovers, the inventors, the warriors, the poets, the philosophers, the leaders…set the path and the rest follow. This comes at a great cost to the averages as they not only have to uproot their current comforts, but also need to adjust to new standards.

    In a social democracy, a human concept, the average masses try to subvert this process and try to make the current status as a permanent status, because now they have the power, thanks to political democracy, to influence change…and they don’t want to.

    So who is “real”…the gorgeous woman in the ad or the slovenly woman watching the ad?

    Both are…but what matters is what matters to us…do we want to build a society of super fit athletes or fat slobs on a couch watching TV? A society of singularly supreme intellects or mindless multitudes of talk show hosts.

    The answer is the choices we make..

  3. Gauri Gharpure December 19, 2007 at 3:57 pm #

    while i do not have strong opinions on this one- i dont really care if the models are wafer thin or if they starve to remain so.

    the point is, yes, there is a tinge of sorrow while looking at the classy hoardings. But then, if it is so, the ad is right on, isnt it? Ads are supposed to create a longing, a sense of wishful thinking and also to a certain extent, an inferiority complex. So, agreed that I and many others buy the lipstick or cream or such alike just to ‘feel good’ and out out some naive inferiority complex and an effort to match up the wafer-thing model smugly smiling from the bill-board- in absoulte vain, BUT at the same time, if i had made tht ad, i wud be pleased to have met my target.

    the lux ad though, ‘soorat bhi hai khoobsoorat bhi hai’ one has tried to find a middleway in b/w the bulimic models and the majority chubby population..

  4. bhumika December 27, 2007 at 12:18 pm #

    Interesting post. Reminds me of these lines from Lionnel Richie’s ‘Sunday Morning’ :

    “Everybody wants me to be what they want me to be

    I’m not happy when i try to fake it”

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