A thought

11 Dec

I face two perennial problems.

One I find myself unable to put my thoughts across to others in a cohesive manner, that means most of words that come out of my mouth are jumbled and without structure. Second problem is my failure in retaining some knowledge that I try to garner from books which I have enjoyed.

I really enjoy reading. And I read all kinds of stuff – pulp fiction, business books, comics, graphic novels, non-fiction, anything and everything that catches my fancy.

Ideally I would like to make some of these ideas part of me -words crafted so beautifully, thoughts expressed, connected, organized, weaved as l would never – my thoughts, my ideas, just said so much better.

As someone said once, the knowledge becomes part of you if you say it. Now, if you would remember the first sentence that is a problem – incoherent speech.

One day, I have no idea how; I found the solution to both my tribulations. A single action that would help address both the issues.

Read slowly.

The manner you read, is the manner you think and is the manner you speak.

Read fast, you tend to think fast and that means ideas and words flow in your mind in a supersonic pace, without structure and must come out at the same pace – without logic, without structure – confused audience.

Imagine it like a long chain of unconnected bogies of a train, each following the other and moving at the same pace. Each bogie is a thought which you want to convey to a passenger.

The way this will work is only when the passenger is able to board each bogie and if he misses one, the subsequent bogie cannot be boarded leading to an incomplete journey.

Now since the bogies are unconnected so the one in the front cannot control the next one, if you slow your pace, all the bogies would crash into each other, leading to a carnage of conversation and thoughts.

Ideal solution is to slowdown the pace.

Pace your thoughts and that would automatically pace your speech.

Read slow.

P.S: Can someone corroborate the theory?


3 Responses to “A thought”

  1. Manoj Jacob December 11, 2007 at 9:18 am #

    One way to retain what we read is by trying to use it in a real situation. Remember how the practicals in college made things so much clearer than an hour of theory.

  2. Gauri Gharpure December 11, 2007 at 1:15 pm #

    of the two problems u face, here’s my solution to the second one- to retain the memories and cherish the beautiful language of some works i read, i ve devised a technique (sounds somewht egotistic! m sure others might be doin this..)

    anyway, if u have the time, u can take a drawing paper or chart paper and cut into a comfortable size (say 6 cm by 10 or more). I write down whtever parts i like from a novel on one side and on the other side, i draw something. Then I get the scraps laminated once i have read enough books or have enough material. abt 4-5 can be easily accomodated in one A4 lamination sheet.. I have such bookmarks of my favourite lines from The ALchemist, Snow, etc

    also, the theory, read slow and retain more seems right. m also not sure abt how to structure thoughts verbally though.. m better of writing ..

  3. Idle Thoughts December 14, 2007 at 3:33 pm #


    i agree to some extent. but i prefer being incoherent most of the time. the reason – honest confusion is so much better than measured reason. at least to me.

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