Young men and Old boys

11 Sep

Men in their 30, 40 today behave, dress, think like teenagers. And feel proud of the fact.

It is an interesting phenomenon and requires some introspection.

I am going to suggest one theory, see if you find it interesting.

For any behaviour to become permanent it requires time. Only when your mind is in a steady state it becomes stable and is longer transient.

Till a decade back, couple of years here and there, men never had this stable state. Babies, then it was school time, then the pressure of college, immediately after college the struggle for a job, as soon as job was secured, it was marriage time, and within a year one had babies, then the babies turned young, struggle for their school, education, then career, marriage and before they realised they were grandfathers and a couple of years (again ignoring some years here and there) they were dead.

See the cycle again, no phase lasted longer than 3-4 years.

Against that today, there is a long gap after job before men move to the next challenge of life, and mind you I’m not talking about marriage.

They for a long time stay in the young,independent,financially stable, no responsibilty, hedonistic state of mind – The boy mindset.

The changed social mores have ensured that society will spiral down to more juvenile and frivolous mindset. This also means society would lose serious and mature thinkers, people who can help the world improve and evolve.

Naughtier minds, dangerous toys.

So yea old boy, drop that playstation, now don’t pick up that bazooka either, it’s time to grow up.


2 Responses to “Young men and Old boys”

  1. Idle Thoughts October 5, 2007 at 2:20 pm #

    einstein, beethoven, bulle shah… how is it then that the greatest thinkers and artists that the world has produced have always been distinctly childlike.

    men and women who refuse to grow up are the ones who change the world. it takes a peter pan to fly.

  2. Fictitioustruth October 8, 2007 at 7:51 am #

    True, only childlike curiosity will make you fly and give wings to the society.

    But unfortunately the majority today displays childish behaviour, which is reflected both in their pursuits and desires.

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