The lonely flower

7 Sep

Flowers are not an entity but a concept.

An idea that transcends reality.

Flowers are a manifestation of what is normally hidden from us by nature.

They are the touch of lovers, they are lost memories, they are the joy of a child, they are the ecstasy of meeting & the sadness of leaving, and they are hope, desire, success, faith, love.

They give meaning to life and they are the meaning of life.

No one knows how he came into being in middle of nowhere.

But he was there resplendent in his colors.

Full of life, sure of his destiny.

But he was lonely.

He still wasn’t a flower.

He desired to be a flower and its meaning.

Desire is life’s biggest folly and strongest ally.

Days passed, weeks passed.

He knew he didn’t have much time.

He could sense me, feel me waiting patiently.

He would push himself a little higher, blush a little stronger.

Not yet, he would say.

One day he could see them.

The little brother and sister, jumping all over, playing while their father stood in a corner looking at them with indulgent eyes.

But he was too far away. They could not see him.

He tried to push himself from behind the stones.

Then they saw him and together ran towards him.

And together gleefully they blew away his drying petals.

He smiled and came in my arms.

Sometimes you live your life in a moment.


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