Bache Do he ache…. Spiral to Doom

14 Jun

Indian government for years has been propagating the need for family planning in the country. The primary logic for the same is that the population boom that the country has seen will adversely impact not only the living conditions, dissemination of the basic necessities but also the growth of the economy.

On the face of it, the foundation of the logic seems sound and irrefutable. And world over one can find ample examples where this policy has provided rich dividends for the country and the citizens.

But unfortunately for India what is true for one need not be beneficial for all. And to attribute growth only to one factor without considering other equally important factors can lead to an uncontrollable spiral.

To understand this better lets consider how our reality is diverse from the countries where this policy has worked.

1. Education: Our education levels are abysmally lower than the west

2. Disparity: The disparity in the over-all well being of the society is too vast in the country. We have three distinct classes in the country – Super Rich, middle class and the destitute. And the behavior and needs of each are as disparate as chalk from cheese.

3. Agrarian society – Despite the much hyped technology boom in the country a large portion of our economy and employment is dependent on the agriculture sector.

All these factors lead to circumstances rebut the propagation of the family planning idea in this country.

Let me explain how, the growth of the country depends on the investments that the government makes in various areas from infrastructure to education to health to industries to any other sphere that are basic necessities like water, electricity etc.

And the funds for these investments largely come from the tax-payers. And in this country who are the tax-payers, only the middle class. Rich never feel the need to abide by the law of the land, poor obviously have nothing to contribute and the farmers have been exempted by our benevolent government in addition to providing free electricity and water to them.

And out of these three who do you think will feel the need of family planning. Again the middle class. If you take all there money would they have any other option but to have less kids.

Rich see family planning a function of wants and means. Means they have in excess (remember their abhorrence to pay taxes) and can want (&have) more kids. Poor feels that he would not be able to feed even one child (one or ten counts the same), so why should he compromise on his carnal needs? Man needs some compensation somewhere.

All this cumulatively lead where, more rich people (who still won’t be paying their taxes), more poor people and declining middle numbers. Now do your mathematics, dwindling earners for the government, more mouths to feed and even less money for growth.

I call it the spiral of doom.

So lets us all open our loins be called true patriots.

Your country needs your libido.


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