When will people learn

11 Jun

Shiv Sena, the self appointed moral police, is now up against orkut for hosting “I hate Bal Thackeray” community.

People who started this community must be living in a self-delusionary world where they think they have a right to express their views and voice their opinions.

How could they even imagine that the king of values, the keeper of dharma, caretaker of Indian ethos would even be accountable?

You cannot judge the judge.

The right to express is granted to those with stronger lung power and the muscle to flex.

Let the people understand Shiv Sena is doing this only for their benefit. They have no ulterior motive or self interest to preserve. When people write negative about Mr. Thackeray they undermine the Indian culture and heritage. King is a shadow of God on the earth and above criticism from mere mortals.

So hear yea all, once & for ever, believers of human dignity are infidels, deaf & mute is a virtue and democracy is dead.

Long live the king.


2 Responses to “When will people learn”

  1. Idle Thoughts June 12, 2007 at 7:58 am #


  2. -the dark one June 20, 2007 at 8:52 pm #

    even if we are deaf or mute or blind there are other ways to feel. the problem is not about feeling or not,the problem is we don’t expess our feelings because we are scared of death. and in the process we die a slow and silent death. death of the masses, death of democracy.

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